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Call of Duty: Ghosts Needs The Old Game Modes Back

By M00kyst @mookyst

Call of Duty: Ghosts Needs The Old Game Modes Back

Dem feels :'(

Before I start I'm not even going to bother explaining where I've been for the past, what, 2 and a half months? I know I said I was back but yada yada yada I decided to work on some more pressing issues in my life and move the podcast forward too. The podcast is ready to begin recording by the way and the first show should be released early January 2014. I'm aiming for the next week. Recording should happen the 2nd of Jan although that could be moved. Also, while I'm not going to dare make any more promises I might not keep, writing is feeling so much more natural at the moment so I think I'm going to invest some more time in it. No guarantee I will write consistently, but let's just say I'm actually ENJOYING writing at this current time and it doesn't feel forced. I like doing things I enjoy so continuing the blog is something I plan on doing.
Anyway, moving on.
I didn't review Ghosts when it was released because, well, I wasn't writing anything at that time, and I didn't even get my hands on a copy until today (thanks, by the way, Amazon Prime for being late AGAIN so I missed the double XP weekend. Great service you are).
This isn't a review either, by the way. I just wanted to do what I love doing most: bitch and complain. 
Ah yes, how I've missed bitching on my beloved blog about everything under the sun, be it Yodel, FIFA, Activision, EA, other websites, even KSI. Call it 'easy views' or 'attention whoring' but bitching is about the only thing anyone ever actually does in their articles. That's right. Take a look at online posts and you'll see most are people moaning about some shit or other.
Wow. Wasn't that a digression. ANYWAY.
Move. Ing. ON.
CoD: Ghosts.
Fantastic game by the way. First CoD I've actually had fun (yes, actual fun) playing since, well, Modern Warfare 2. Blops was annoying. MW3 was a pathetic carbon copy of MW2 that somehow managed to suck Tony Blair's tiny cock (don't know why I just fancied bashing Blair then. Probably been listening to the . song 'Fanfare For The Conscious Man' too much). And Blops 2 was, well, I didn't really play it. Got it on release day but got so irritated by the lag and poor connections I sold it about 10 hours after buying it. Yep. That's me. Mr. Impatient over here everybody. I actually did give it a decent playing recently though and I admit the multiplayer was decent.  
But back to Ghosts.
I'm not going to moan about the online gameplay or anything because, for the most part, I like, if not love it.What I'm here to rant angrily about is the absolutely outrageously awful game mode selection. 
In case you didn't know, Infinity Ward decided to take the non existent initiative they have and apply it to making the decision to remove a ton of original game modes from the Ghosts. This includes the fan favorite Demolition; my personal favorite game mode Sabotage; the also fairly well favoured HQ, and also Capture The Flag. Oh and Ground-War too.
The replacements for these great game modes?
Heavy DutyCrankedBlitzSearch & RescueHunted
This wouldn't be the worst thing that could happen in the game, if these new game modes were ACTUALLY GOOD.
Oh, they put in some new things that SUCK COCK BALLS?How totally *un*surprising. I mean, come on, all they ever do in every new CoD is add in at least one new thing that sucks. For example:
CoD Points.Retarded perks like Commando and One Man Army.Or they just make an inferior carbon copy of MW2 in the form of MW3...
The only problem with this new poor design decision is it's at the expense of more than HALF THE GOOD GAME MODES.
First off let's review the new modes.
Heavy Duty: Heavy Duty is a game mode where.... Where... Where basically... BASICALLY, every player is pretty much equipped with the Juggernaut perk from CoD 4 and WaW. All players have extra health. That's it. That. Is. It. It's a game mode, where players get added health. As if that's something you couldn't do yourself with your friends in a custom match.
They wasted one of the few, precious, game mode slots, on this garbage pile of wank.It's pointless. Who wants to play with added health anyway? Oh yeah, that's right, 2,643 people out of the 288,297 that are currently online at the time of writing on the Xbox 360 version of the game.
Infinity Ward, you made a game mode so shit, so bad, so rubbish, that less than 2,700 people out of nearly 290,000 want to play it.
Cranked: Oh god. Oh Jesus. Oh fuck me. You know when something so shocking is put in a game you wonder how it ever made it past the game directors, publication company and BETA testers? And, what's more, you wonder what nonce came up with it in the first place? I mean, Cranked isn't a TERRIBLE idea, it just happens to be kind of the AIDS of the game mode selection that was thought up and constructed by a mini brained toilet seat.
It's a mode where you get bonuses for getting kills, but also must get a kill every 30 seconds after your first kill is made, otherwise you blow up.
Call of Duty: Ghosts Needs The Old Game Modes Back

OK. Not too bad. But it goes wrong in so many places. First of all it's team based. Yeah, not good. If this was ever going to be fun to play, it would have to have been a free-for-all mode. No doubt.
Because it's team based getting kills is harder and so you'll find yourself blowing up a lot. Plus the whole blowing up thing seems pointless when you're put into teams. Like, why's it there? If this was free-for-all it would make a ton more sense.
Secondly, the maps are too big. Ghosts has some of the best CoD maps I've played, but also the biggest. And that's no bad thing. But when you've got to get a kill every 30 seconds and there's only 6 (max) people on the other team, well, it's not good. It just doesn't flow and it isn't fun.
The mode should have been a large scale FFA, with instead of 8 players there are 12. This way the action would be constantly fast and furious so you'd have a lot of opportunities to get kills and the big maps would be packed out with more players. Bam. Sorted. Done. Bow taken.
It's a decent idea. But whoever finalised the design for it is an idiot.
Oh and also, the opinion it sucks is also one many people hold. After all it only has just over 8,000 people playing it at the time of writing with over 288,000 online. 
Blitz: When I saw that the retarded fish muppets at IW had almost removed all my beloved game modes, I began looking through the new modes to see if there were any decent objective based ones. Aside from Search & Rescue (which I'll cover in a second), Blitz was the only one that really grabbed my attention and looked like it might not totally such Tom Cruise's testicles. So I gave it a go.
The objective sounded interesting. Each team has an objective zone in their spawn area and each team must infiltrate the other team's objective zone to score. Seems like a good idea. Both teams are on the offensive while also having to defend. I like it. Well, I DID like it, before I played it.
It's rubbish. Instead of having to go into the enemy's objective zone and stay there, trying to survive, in order to score points, all you have to do is simply walk, or run, into the zone and BANG, you've successfully scored. That... That is not hard. Oh, and when you DO score in the other team's zone, you get teleported to another part of the map, so the risk of dying is minimal.
Equip Marathon and Lightweight and an SMG and wow, this is easier to win than sex with Kim Kardashian. There's no challenge. Even if you are defending your zone, all the enemy has to do is touch it and they've scored. It ends super quickly and is far from enjoyable. What a load of crap. 
Out of the 288,000 humanoids online, only just over 6,500 are bothering to play it. Personally, I would pick it over the video game equivalent of Herpes that is Cranked but that's just me.
Search and Rescue: The only decent new mode that's been added. But that's only because it's based on a game type that already exists: Search And Destroy. You can still play S&D by the way, however Search And Rescue is a variation of it where the only difference is that when someone dies they drop a dog tag, similar to Kill Confirmed. The dog tag, when collected by the enemy, prevents the player who died from respawning till the next round. However when collected by a team-mate, the player who died is respawned. So it's S&D with the possibility of getting revived. That rarely happens however, so it's still a 'one life per round' game at its heart. 
Despite the iconic-ness that is S&D, I admit that I do prefer S&R. The added objective of collecting the tags makes it even more interesting. You may be winning the fight; defending with two team-mates with you, but if you left any of the enemy dog tags around you could find yourself quickly out numbered by the other team who have managed to respawn. Similarly, if you're the last alive, it's important to collect any friendly dog tags you find so you can increase your odds of winning. 
No complaints about this mode. But one decent game type out of the 5 that were added is nowhere near good enough.
Hunted: Where to begin? Well, this is going to be short. It's just lame. And boring. And really, really lame. Did I mention it's lame? And boring. It's really boring actually. Like, you know when it's 2AM and you're still gaming but you know you should sleep but you can't sleep because you've been gaming so much? Well Hunted is the game mode that sends you to sleep so you can dream of Jennifer Lawrence. It's just lame. And boring. 
If I were to briefly describe it to you, I'd say it's where you start the match with limited equipment (don't ask why) and have to secure different zones to get more equipment while killing eachothzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......
Sorry I dozed off. Writing about this boring, lame as hell piece of tissue paper makes me as sleepy as playing it. Well, that's a bit extreme. It makes me a third as sleepy.
It's possibly the worst performing of all the new modes, with a pathetic 2,800 people playing it out of the 288,000.
Phew. That's the new game types covered. Now, to rant a bit more.
Basically, in case you couldn't tell already, they all suck. The game mode selection in Ghosts is shambolic. There are no decent respawn enabled objective game types. They're all crap.
What's more, out of the 12 Core game types, 6 are just variants of the other modes. Kill Confirmed, as popular as it is, is just another TDM variant, as is Heavy Duty and Cranked, and S&R is just a variant of S&D. There is zero innovation or uniqueness here. Half the game modes just blend together to create slightly different versions of each other. It's a joke. But a game breaking joke. 
Infinity Ward have already answered the question of why they removed the old, good, game types. They claim it's because in games such as Demolition, it's easy to spawn camp. This is fairly true. In Demolition, Sabotage, CTF and even HQ it could be easy to spawn camp. But did this happen all the time, and in such severity that it broke the game modes? Nope. In fact, I think that this is either a bullshit reason by IW or a retarded one they firmly believe in, because the only decent, original objective mode in Ghosts that is left is Domination, and it's piss easy to get spawn camped in it.
It's not IW's job to decide what we can and should want to play. Sure spawn camping sucks, but if people want to put up with it, or risk have it happening to them, then that is their decision. People go into Demo and CTF knowing things could get messy and unfair and they don't mind. What's more there's always the quit option in case the other team really is that dickish. 
Thanks to IW's completely unnecessary 'policing' and 'filtering' of Ghosts' playlists, we now have only one good, respawn enabled, objective mode, that being Domination.
It's easy to tell people want the old modes back (or at least some good, new, objective based ones) by simply looking at the amount of people in each playlist. Domination is the second most played playlist on Ghosts. None of the other game types come close to overtaking it. The only one that is played more is, of course, TDM. But TDM will forever be the most popular game type.
Ghosts has the gameplay and maps nailed. All it needs now are some decent game modes to play aside from S&R/S&D and Domination. The new modes we've been handed are a pathetic joke that are, judging by the amount of people who play them, clearly unpopular. If IW don't bring back some of the old game types or at least introduce some decent new ones in an update soon, then I can't see me, and maybe other people too, being entertained for very long by the poor selection we've been handed
Opinion on the issue? Comment your brain thoughts below. Be nice though. No one likes a dickhead..

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