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Caffienated Poof Ball...

By Danikaherrick @danikaherrick
I have moved the big old PS Maskros into my new dining room and finished its hack.  It took about 3 hours to take off all the flowers, add a coffee filter behind and a mini cupcake liner infront and reattach. My 6 year old helped me by making neat piles for an assembly line. Caffienated poof ball...  Its super fluffy... Caffienated poof ball...
So today I added a little extra to the centers...ping pong balls, kind of want to paint them gold or maybe even multicolored, but that is a huge undertaking...
Caffienated poof ball... What do you think? I bought a 6 pack to test it out, now I just have to wait for the bulk pack of 144 to arrive to finish.
Total makeover $$$:
1 pack of 200 white coffee filters (on sale!) $1.00 2 packs white mini cupcake liners $3.48 150 ping pong balls $24.70 a sore thumb nail from taking the original flowers off (they are on there pretty good!)
I also painted my living room white.  I am stuck on a pattern for the walls. I will have a Project Hotmess update for you at the end of tomorrow!

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