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Caffeine Content During Pregnancy

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
Caffeine content during pregnancyPregnant women are recommended a daily allowance of caffeine a day.It is advised that pregnant women limit their caffeine consumption to below 200mg a day.

It has now come to light single cup of coffee from a high street chain may contain more caffeine than pregnant women are advised to drink in a day.

High caffeine levels during pregnancy can increase the risk of having a baby with a lower birth weight, and may increase the risk of miscarriage.

A Starbucks cup of standard coffee was found to contain 51mg of caffeine, but a Costa coffee had more than three times this amount (157mg).

A single espresso from a cafe contained 322mg of caffeine, the highest caffeine content found.

Do you drink within the daily allowance ?

Other items that contain caffiene are

Black tea (8oz)contains approx 14-61mg

Lemon iced tea (8oz) contains approx 5-7mg

McDonald’s Mocha Frappe (16oz) contains approx 125mg

Coca-Cola Classic (335ml) contains 35mg

Caffeine content during pregnancy

Pepsi(335ml) contains 35-39mg

Red Bull (250ml) contains 76-80mg

Most products will indicate their caffeine content on the packaging.

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