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Caesar Salary

Posted on the 17 February 2020 by Steveawiggins @stawiggins

Juxtapositions interest me.Washington’s Birthday and taxes have become connected in my mind.Until the present administration I had no serious concerns about taxes; if people are going to live together they need to pool their resources.If I had a choice now no Republican would be able to lay a dirty finger on my hard-earned contributions, but I know we all use the roads and bridges.Some of the money actually goes to useful things.I wonder what George would’ve thought of it all, though.His birthday is a holiday, but employers have sent out their tax forms and so it’s become a kind of day of reckoning for me.I used to be able to calculate roughly the right amount to be withheld so that I’d get a small return each year.Tax laws being what they are, however, that has changed rather drastically.I leave February feeling poor and cold.And I don’t approve of how they spend most of our money.Still, a day off work is a fine time to visit my accountant.

The mind of the Human Resources denizen is an odd place of rules devised by no god.I never know from year to year whether “Presidents’ Day” will be a day off or not.I remember standing on a wintery street corner waiting for the 114X into New York because the 117 didn’t run on federal holidays.HR had decided that year that we wouldn’t have this day off.Like the government, Human Resources has the ability to implement laws that make no sense.I do appreciate the fact, however, that someone understands how medical insurance works.For that you need a specialist.Another strange juxtaposition.In any case I’ll visit my accountant today and it may be the only time I’ll be sweating in February.

Adulting, some of the young say, isn’t much fun.It has certainly become a lot harder to understand.Our government complicates things to the point that you daren’t do your own taxes.A visit to the doctor may or may not cost you.And don’t even bother to try and find out where all that money you send to Washington’s going.I just hope that when I get on the interstate that it’s maintained.And that they keep an eye on the bridges.If they don’t I won’t be able to get to the accountant’s office to be able to pay more taxes.On Washington’s Birthday it’s in the best interest of the powers that be to keep the roads open so that we can send them our unholy tithes.Strange juxtaposition, it is, between Washington and Lincoln.

Caesar Salary

Render unto Caesar

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