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Cadbury Wispa Hot Chocolate Review

By Grocerygems @grocerygems
Cadbury Wispa Hot Chocolate Review
This is a very welcome new hot chocolate from Cadbury based on their classic Wispa chocolate bar. Remember when Wispas were discontinued and public demand brought them back? And now look at them - all grown up and so popular they even have their own hot chocolate! I don't often drink instant hot chocolate but I'm such a fan of the Wispa bar that I had to give this a try.
Cadbury Wispa Hot Chocolate Review
Cadbury's have a fair few versions of instant hot chocolate already on the market, but what makes this Wispa Hot Chocolate different is that is bubbles up. Not in a fizzy way - that would certainly be very odd. What we're talking about here is a soft frothy covering of seriously big bubbles on top of the hot chocolate itself.
Cadbury Wispa Hot Chocolate Review
I followed the suggested preparation method of adding 200ml of hot water to four heaped teaspoons of the powdered drink. The hot chocolate frothed up instantly with the biggest frothiest bubbles I've ever seen on a hot chocolate, and without the need for any effort at all on my part. Not even a bit of whisking required, nada. At first the bubbly layer makes up almost half the drink but this eventually settles down to a thick frothy layer on top of the hot chocolate, as you can see in the photo below.
Cadbury Wispa Hot Chocolate Review
The flavor of the hot chocolate is essentially the same as the regular Cadbury's hot chocolate; it's super sweet and with a subtle cocoa flavor that builds nicely as you drink. The frothy bubbles add a lovely texture to the hot chocolate, and makes it feel a lot more luxurious and velvety than a standard instant hot chocolate. Usually I would add some cocoa powder or marshmallows to the top of my hot chocolate, but the bubbly effect on the top of this drink is gorgeous enough on it's own.
Cadbury Wispa Hot Chocolate Review
This Wispa Hot Chocolate (or Hot Frothy Instant Choccy as it says on the front) is a very warming and delicious hot chocolate and it's worth buying for the frothing affect alone! If you don't fancy buying a whole jar then there are also individual sachets available (pictured above) that are only 36p each.
Grocery Gems Verdict: Cadbury Wispa Hot Chocolate
RATING: 8.5 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Definitely.
Nutrition (each serving)
: 105 calories. 3g protein,  20.0g carbohydrates, 16.0g sugar, 1.4g fat.
Purchased: Tesco
Price: £2.79p (for 246g jar) or 36p per sachet.

What do you think of the new Cadbury Wispa Hot Chocolate? I'd love to know your thoughts on this, so please leave a comment below.

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