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CA Students Sign Petition to Imprison, Execute All Gunowners

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

Author/media analyst Mark Dice has compiled so many petitions, signed by mindless people in California, that I thought I was beyond being stunned. (Go the end of this post for examples of his other petitions.)

However, Dice’s latest petition still manages to shock a very jaded me.

This video shows Dice on an unnamed college campus in San Diego, CA, asking students to sign a (fake) petition.

Student after student sign the petition, despite being told by Dice that the petition is to “support Obama’s gun control bill” and “the Bilderbergers and Illuminati” — the bill that “the Republicans blocked,” which will “repeal the Second Amendment” to the United States Constitution, so as to “disarm registered legal gunowners,” “confiscate their guns,” “put them all in prison” “into FEMA detention camps” and “terminate, execute them,” “shoot them all” because we can “put our trust” in government, in the military and the police who will be the only ones to have guns.

I am so outraged by these unthinking and malevolent college students that I took screenshots of them to compile this Gallery of Evil and Stupid Californian Students. I hope their families and friends see this:


Infowars notes that Dice has now successfully managed to persuade Americans in his area to agree to repeal the FirstSecond, Third, Fourth , Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Amendments, as well as the entire Bill Of Rights.

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