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C-sections Now Available to All Pregnant Women

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

I have heard recently in the news that c-sections have now become available to all pregnant women weather or not its for medical reasons such as breech babies, emergency or life threatening to mom and baby. Whilst I understand some women may see that a c-section would be the easier option no pushing, you in a way pick your child’s date of birth, no waiting around for your waters to break and its quicker than a natural labor.


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Yes this sounds appealing to any woman who is pregnant believe me take it from someone who has had a c-section, it definitely NOT the easiest option. The recovery period is longer, the stay in hospital is longer and there is more that can go wrong as it is major surgery to your abdomen. Not to mention what can go wrong with the epidural and the fact you have no control over things.


Here is one case of it going wrong :-

A friend of mine had 2 c-sections one 22 years ago and the other 19 years ago both were for medical reasons, with both pregnancies her boys were breech and she suffered pre-eclampsia. With her eldest boy she went in to labor naturally and only dilated to 9cm after hours of labor and so she signed for a section which went well. Then her youngest lad her pre-eclampsia came back worse as well as him being breech an back to back. So once again my friend signed the consent forms for a c-section and then on the day she went down for it she never dreamed of the things that could have possibly gone wrong luckily for her they never but it almost did.


When the anesthetist put the epidural in, they didn’t put it in right it actually started falling out almost paralysing my friend from the waist down, its safe to say the surgeon who was performing the section had done it that many times and knew how things should be, so there for throwing out of the theater the anesthetist and requested a new one putting all surgery behind for the rest of the day. Thankfully my friend is OK and no permanent damage was done, she was lucky some people come out worse. Now does having a c-section sound appealing to pregnant women??


For me I was lucky everything with mine went well, epidural went in no problems and rather than the 60-90 mins it should have taken I was in theater for 50 mins. I have had no after effects from any of it, yet a few other mums I’ve spoke to have had problems like infections and scars slightly bursting open again. So I guess everyone takes to it differently.


Oh and not to forget recovery, its a daily battle. The first 6 months you really do have to take things easy, no heavy lifting for 6 weeks, not even to hoover up!! your not allowed back in the gym for 3 to 6 months after either so loosing the weight quick is a small impossibility. Then for those who drive, you have to tell the dvla you have had surgery which means you cant drive until the doctor says you are fit enough to be behind the wheel again. Weather or not the rules are still the same now as they were almost 4 years ago I do not know but I am guessing they haven’t changed that much.


So ladies how will you be choosing to have your next baby? I know how i would like to have mine. Yes its nice to have the choice but convenience vs pain, give me the pain any time please I’d much rather feel it.


This post is an anonymous guest post

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