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C is for Colour

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport
C is for Colour


We live in a coloured world, and studies have shown that we remember a ‘coloured experience’ (vs a netural or black and white one) 70% more.  So how can you bring a little more color into your world (get out of all that black) and communicate more effectively?

Colours have been shown to have different effects on us.  For example, red raises your blood pressure.  Blue makes you feel calm, safe and secure.  When you’re cho0sing a color to wear, why not consider what its effect may be on those around you (and even yourself).

  • Red: excites, creates passion, makes you feel warmer,  too much can make people aggressive
  • Orange: Social, warmth, happy, friendly, aids communication
  • Light Pink: feminine, soft, nurturing
  • Fuchsia: Dynamic, vibrant, exciting, bold
  • Burgundy: strong, powerful, seductive
  • Brown: steady, reliable, non-judgmental, solid, people open up more easily when you’re wearing brown
  • Gold: prestige, wealth, flamboyant
  • Yellow: optimistic, sunny, happy, fun, vibrant
  • Apple Green: growth, abundance, fresh, new, exciting
  • Forest Green: Reassuring
  • Olive Green: Peace
  • Light Blue: Friendly, approachable, safe
  • Navy: Knowledge, security, authority, power, serious, trustworthy
  • Lavender: soft, nostalgic
  • Purple: Creative, new age, imagination
  • Black: Power, intimidation, death, evil, mystery, authority
  • White: Innocence, purity, cleanliness, hygiene, in small quantities: business, in large quantities: vacation/summer

What are you favorite colours?  How do they make you feel?  Tell me what you love in the comments.

And don’t forget you can vote in the poll about the colours you currently wear most often (which may not be the colours you love!).

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