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By Terry: By Terry CellularRose Brightening Serum

By Makeuptemple @makeuptemple

By Terry CellularRose Brightening Serum makeuptemple
Given the muddy dull skin as white roses bloom bright radiance. From Paris, France, BY TERRY, extracted from the biggest breakthrough with the discovery of its specialized laboratories rose cell technology, combined with the BY TERRY exclusive WT + 1 Technology Whitening Technology, launched the first to market a cell extract of the "White Rose" revolutionary Whitening products based on genetic, metabolic, chronic inflammation, and other factors, more especially a long period of stress, fatigue, environmental pollution and secondhand smoke are prompted melanin melanin.
The main cause of unbridled be manufactured, resulting in pigment accelerated sedimentation, uneven skin spots spread. BY TERRY laboratory for the above problems have long plagued women, developed an effective solution to the skin spotted and dull new technology-White Rose natural cell extracts, combined with exclusive "WT can triple synergy achieve the whitening effect + 1 Technology ", so that the skin back to white and translucent radiance! Main Ingredients & WT + Technology "three major effects : 1. whitening, even skin color: natural white roses cell extraction (5%) 2. prevent spots generated: daisy extract 3. accelerate the metabolism of horny old waste: spent acid

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