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By Any Other Name

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz
By Any Other Name"My name is Bella.
And I am a personal style blogger."
By Any Other NameThis is my personal style blog. I'm saying this, an obvious stating of the obvious because I've just realized that it might not be so obvious. I mean, I've come to realize that not all of you know me. Many of you are new here, having stopped by from a blogger event I've taken part in, or stumbled upon my +40 Blogroll,  perhaps liked what you saw, and stuck around. 
Well HELLO. Forgive me for not saying hello sooner. I've been motoring forward as if you all have been around since the beginning but the humble fact is this blog had less than 1500 visits for the entire month a year ago, and that a post written exactly one year ago today had a mere 8 comments. You can read it here. (note: Blog is almost 3 years old- I'm just noting the stats from a year ago. -Bella) A LOT has changed since then, and all of it, thanks to you folks, to you friends, for the better. So HELLO, and THANK-YOU. 
Now I realize I'm still a small potato blogger. I don't get 3500 page views a day like sweet Faye over at or the heavy hits of Already Pretty, Grit & Glamour or Kristy Elena over at Full Time Fabulous. But my blog growth has still been incredible, and the people, the friends I've made in this short amount of time are more incredible still. I've connected with bright spirits like Sacramento, Anika and Roz
Recently I've been bowled over by the phenomenal style of a group of  over 40 year-old bloggers who prove post after post, outfit after outfit, the wise words of Coco Chanel: that style is eternal. I am besotted with mature style vixens like Judith,Desiree, Vix, Reva, and Dusk and, and, and, oh the list could go on and on and it does right here
By Any Other NameBecause of these people and my incredible blogging community, my life HAS COMPLETELY CHANGED. My world has opened up- is opening up for me in ways I never imagined, yet have been secretly dreaming about my whole life. 
I have never felt more like ME. I get to be creative and express my personal style on a daily basis. I have had the pleasure of discovering kindred spirits, and get to experience the joy of encouraging others to put themselves out there and take part in their personal expression of self. And it all started by me braving it and snapping a picture of me in an outfit. Who knew being taking a photo of yourself could feel so revolutionary? 

My name is Bella Q, and this is my personal style blog. I am a Citizen Rosebud and I wish us all to "bloom madly."

By Any Other NameNow Wearing: 
  • Custom Hand-made Hat by Picollo
  • Target Floral Sunnies
  • Anika Burke stone bracelet
  • Vintage Laura Ashely Rosebud Romper
  • Vintage silk obi belt (thrifted)
  • Dr. Scholl Platform Wedges
  • A Whole Lotta Attitude

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