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Buzz It Up! Coffee, +40

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz
Buzz it Up! Coffee, +40 Buzz it Up! Coffee, +40
This episode of Buzz it Up is brought to you by the number Deux, and the letter Vous
Last week I had the pleasure to meet with the beautiful and talented Joni James, Seattle based artist, +40 blogger. Mother, wife and the gifted hand behind CalligamOrama, Joni has a way with saying things, whether it be through her incredible word art, or in her expressive style of dress.  A quick recap on how I got to know this incredible woman: it was through the blog post of a Cincinnati +40 fashion blogger pal, Reva (Reva's Rags to Roses) I was introduced to this Seattle based +40 (fashion and art) blogger, and later got to meet last year. I instantly felt love drunk + giddy from the first hello- such an instant rapport we made, that we yakked FOR hours, before even making the move to order our first cup of coffee. 

Buzz it Up! Coffee, +40

Let's Meet for Coffee: Cultivating Friendship Over a Cuppa (image courtesy of Calligamorama)

That's pretty much what happened, part 2. Joni showed up to my house, looking lovely in a play of leopard on leopard,  leopard print umbrella (picked up that morning from Rite Aid), cute leopard print cardigan (what? this old thing? got it from a local consignment shop), and some fresh looking animal print kicks. I wish I would have thought to take a full length photo of Joni, but you know what- I plain forgot to; I was having such a great time just hanging with her, that all blogger to-dos just fell by the wayside. After the first hug, I pretty much just spilled the beans all over her, a hours long yak fest, (again) before even taking a breath, and suggesting we walk to a nearby coffee shop for some coffee talk.
Buzz it Up! Coffee, +40

We shared some good laughs and some coffee talk over at Caffe Vita in Phinney.  As we caught up and brainstormed about best practices towards world domination, a rainstorm swept through the 'hood. Let me tell you, nothing feels cozier than drinking a hot bevvy with a dear friend in a cute coffee shop, while watching a heavy down pour happen outside. And I was so glad we had brought our leopard and plaid umbrellas! 
We discussed how certain things have improved with age (like our self confidence, and improved fashion sense), I couldn't help but think about the many, lovely and inspiring people I've gotten to know over the years, through blogging. Many, like Joni, are vibrant, creative women, who have generous souls and colorful wardrobes.

Buzz it Up! Coffee, +40

Colorful, Confident, Comfy: +40 Fashion Bloggers Show a Diverse Range of Style and Expression.

Speaking of inspiring bloggers over 40, Catherine has got a FANTASTIC post up on why it's great to be a Fashion Blogger over 40. Do yourself a flavor and check it out here.
Buzz it Up! Coffee, +40

Don't forget: Shoe Shine is tomorrow! It's a shoe party, and it is OPEN TO EVERYBODY! Link up in our monthly community event. You don't need to be a blogger, just someone with a valid url link of you showing off your stellar kicks.

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