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Buying Jewelries and Accessories For Children

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Buying jewelries and accessories for tykes can be a little bit difficult, especially for first time parents. Unlike buying for someone older, you’ll have to consider the wearer’s health, safety, and the accessory’s luxury as well. If you want to be a responsible parent, better read this guide – I’ve compiled a couple of tips to help you accessorize your beautiful angel responsibly and safely. If you wish nothing more but the safety and well-being of your child, then reading this short article will be worth it.

English: Gold Jewelry / Gold Jewellery

English: Gold Jewelry / Gold Jewellery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The kid’s age – What accessory or jewelry you should give to your kid depends on how old she is. Is she responsible enough to take care of something as precious as a gemstone ring or necklace? If you think she’s old enough for the real deal, test her with a cheaper counterfeit first, before giving her the real deal. If your kid is too young but you insist on having her accessorized, make sure that you buy her something that has no choking hazards.


The Price – Sometimes, an accessory’s price tells you everything there is to know about the item. You have to remember that your baby girls shouldn’t get used to wearing accessories that are as expensive as their mother’s; for both practicality and safety reasons. Even though you should avoid buying her accessories that are too luxurious, your daughter shouldn’t just wear anything cheap either. Cheap accessories and jewelries are usually made poorly. Tiny parts may end up being detached from the accessory, and may end up being swallowed. Sharp, broken edges are also a big concern.


The material – There are reports from the Consumer Product Safety Commission that cheap children’s jewelry may contain high levels of lead and cadmium. Both are neurotoxins that can cause severe and permanent brain damage to a child when exposed. These 2 chemicals have been recently found on cheap jewelry for kids that are made in China. Even though most of them have been recalled, you can never be too careful. Avoid metal parts in their accessories and jewelry if possible. If you really have to buy something that has metal, have it tested for cadmium and lead.


Allergies – Some kids are allergic to metal, particularly nickel and silver. Luckily, there are hypoallergenic jewelries that are sold at jewelry shops so make sure you ask for them if you think your kid is allergic to some metallic materials.


Do-it-Yourself – There are available DIY jewelries that you can personalize yourself for your little angels. You can pick what color you want for their bracelets or necklaces. You can also have your daughter make one for herself or a friend! It’s a great activity that can stimulate her imagination and creativity.


So if you’re planning to buy your little angel her first piece of jewelry, please do consider reading this guide. Remember that a responsible parent never stops educating himself/herself in order to provide the best care and protection possible for his/her children.


Therese Shaw is a shop owner who is experienced in selling jewelry for all ages. She is also a freelance author who writes occassionally for, a company that sells beautiful diamonds online.

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