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Buying Guide for Diamonds- How to Choose

By Demi Mist @Beautyandmist

Many people who buy gemstones want to look at diamonds because they are regarded as a favorite and popular choice among precious stones. Precious stones offer the benefits of being stunningly beautiful and worthwhile investments. They are less volatile than the other investment options and jewelry has the potential to appreciate in value.

Diamonds are highly sought after stones and their unwavering popularity for reasons such as diamond engagement rings, ensures that they will always be valuable and in demand. Whether you want to invest in diamonds for ornamental beauty or financial reasons, you need to be informed about what determines their value, such as desirable characteristics and natural properties.

Natural Properties

The formation of diamonds occurs in different parts of the earth. In order for a diamond to be created, it requires intense pressure and heat. Many mined diamonds were probably formed a long time ago and volcanic activity within the earth's crust brought them to the surface of the earth.

  • The specific properties of genuine diamonds are easy to test and this makes it possible for jewelers to distinguish between real and fake diamonds.
  • Diamonds are among the materials that are known for their ability to fracture or bend light and create a visible rainbow of colors. Special cutting techniques enhance a diamond's ability to refract light. Proper maintenance and regular cleaning can help to maximize the brilliance of a diamond.
  • Diamonds are classified as extremely hard natural substances that are used for the purpose of cutting other substances like glass.
  • Diamonds conduct heat well and jewelers use electricity and heat tests to verify the authenticity of diamonds. Click here for a diamond buying guide .
  • The crystalline structure of a diamond can be examined to identify whether or not it is real.
Four Cs

Diamonds that are used for decoration and jewelry are judged by observing variable characteristics. The main determinants of the value of a diamond are the 4Cs that refer to color, clarity, carat and cut.


The weight of a precious stone is measured in carats. This should not be mistaken for the term karat that is used to indicate how pure gold is. Higher carat weight typically means that the diamond is larger. However, the cut and shape of a diamond affects the appearance of its size in relation to weight. Online resources provide informative charts for size and weight.

Buying Guide for Diamonds- How to Choose


When most people think about or visualize diamonds, they think of clear stones. The reality is this is just one in an array of the colors that are available. Some colors are associated with certain stones like a blue sapphire that may turn out to be another blue stone such as the diamond.


Clarity indicates diamond quality and this is measured through evaluations of inclusions or internal details and characteristics as well as evaluating blemishes or surface characteristics. Inclusions consist of mineral deposits and cracks while blemishes include aspects such as scratches.


The task of cutting a diamond is a challenging one. Diamonds are hard and specialized tools are necessary for accurately breaking them. Bad or imprecise cutting diminishes the value of the original and larger stone.

By Mandy Bular

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