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Butter London: Summery Coral Nails

By Reservedforruby @reservedforruby
Butter London: Summery Coral Nails
The other day, whilst browsing around the shops, I came across a nail polish I had never heard of before called Butter. I loved all of the colours and they all have really cool names: Macbeth, Bossy Boots, HRH, Cheeky Chop and my favorite name...Disco Biscuits!! Someone had a lot of fun thinking up all of those names...oh for a job like that! Moving on, when I reached the counter to purchase my new coral polish, the shop assistant said, "Oh what a lovely color and it's great for your nails!". Afterwards, I knew I had to invest in a little research time into the wonders that Butter London Nail Lacquers can do for you.


"Butter London products contain NO Formaldehyde, NO Toluene, NO DBP." If you are like me you will be saying right at this point...what is Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP!!!!  Basically, they are all toxic chemicals which could harm your nails over time. If you continuously use nail polish with the "Big 3" (the three toxic chemicals) you can only imagine how much damage that is doing to your nails, and your nails are the first sign of telling how healthy a person is. From what I have read online, most nail polishes don't contain the Big 3 but I researched into what the chemicals actually are.
DBP - Dibutyl Phthalate is an oily liquid added to most nail polishes to prevent it from chipping. It is also used in PVC, adhesives (many everyday glues) printing inks and other sealants used in the construction industry. A small amount is used in nail polish so I am not sure if it is entirely proven this will ruin your nails, however, if you constantly coat your nails, you aren't giving them a chance to breathe so I would use sparingly and not everyday.
Formaldehyde does not exist in nail polish. It is mentioned in marketing statements as one of the "Big 3" however, although it isn't in nail polish it is worth noting this is used in some nail hardening products. 
Toluene (methylbenzene, toluol, phenylmethane) makes the polish easy to apply. It is also used as an industrial solvent for paints, chemicals and rubber. It can be found in acrylic paints, varnishes, glues, paint thinners and shoe polish. 
I am by no means an expert on this, and this is just my own opinion. I definitely think as long as everything is in moderation it is generally ok. As long as you give your nails a chance to breathe every couple of days. Some of the top brands have been Big 3 free for years, but there are others who do use these products. 
Back to Butter....
Butter London: Summery Coral Nails
The color I am wearing is called "Macbeth". 
I applied two coats on Saturday and it lasted until Tuesday. Not bad for someone who is constantly on a laptop!
Overall Thoughts
Once you apply two coats, the color is fantastic and it lasts for a couple of days. Personally, I wouldn't like the same color on my nails for longer than two days. I used it on my toes and it lasts for ages but that is always the case with feet! Even though it is slightly more than I normally pay for nail polish, it is cheaper than spending money on Chanel polish which I find, chips very easily. 
It doesn't contain any REAL or FAKE butter, despite what the name might allude to. (joking of course!)

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