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By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert
Somewhat productive day. I managed a trip to town this a.m. For my out of state followers, when I say "town" that means Glasgow. I think everyone has that one closest city where they travel to that is considered "town".
I picked up med refills and headed to The Gates of Hell (aka Walmart) when the little one started puking. Even tho I have birthed four babies it always eludes me to pack a change a clothes. Therefore I picked up the few things I went in for with a vomit covered baby. I'm sure I will wind up on the "Faces of Walmart" picture website.
We headed home and I was determined to tye die shirts with the boys since this was one of our last entirely free days before school starts back. I will post pictures tomorrow of our finished washed out shirts. I think washing them out and revealing the design is the best part of tye dying.
We all caught some rays in the pool that I like to refer to as swimming lessons because it makes my conscience feel better when I say that instead of what it really is. :) Thank you Angie for that suggestion. I hope swimming lessons are going well for you as well.
Just as we came in for dry clothes, Eli was puking. Ugh. I hate puke. I'm now waiting for the rest of us to hurl.
So, until I am hovering the thrown as well, it's laundry, dishes, floors and bathroom cleanup duty.
On a funny note........while we were having swimming lessons a Butterfly landed on my rump. Zackary saw it and said, "so that's how they got their name."
Happy Tuesday. Back to school countdown is on. Enjoy those babies Mommas. We will miss them next week. ........I think. Maybe.

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