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By Karl @cartoonistdiary
Busted!I read this story today and thought, I just have to do a cartoon about it and post it to my readers. This is a true piece of serious science and honest to god journalism. I have not made any of this up and the experiments actually happened.
Men, you are going to love this, and ladies...well I think I can guess what your reactions going to be: at best it will be a tut and a raise of the eye brows and at worst, snapped limbs.

It was a story about a Dr Karen Weatherby who was conducting an experiment in Germany and came to a rather heartening conclusion for all men.
She reported in the New England Medical Journal, no less, that ten minutes  looking at a woman's breasts can have the same effect as a thirty minute aerobic workout in the gym. I kid you not, this is an actual medical finding.
Apparently she discovered that over a certain period of time, and with a set amount of men, that ten minutes exposure to impressive ladies, of a 'bustular' nature, reduced stress levels, lowers pulse rates (strangely) lessens the rate of heart disease and increases their life expectancy by up to four to five years.
Honest! Scientific fact, ladies---New England Medical Journal---a well respected and prestigious trade publication! Days like this don't very often come along for us men! I can't stop smiling!
So I guess I'm going to have to ask a question to all the ladies out there: If, as it has been scientifically proven, that checking a ladies 'mammalian protrudeties' can improve your man's life expectancy by up to five years, how can you now---in all honesty--- justify slapping him every time he ogles a buxom wench when she goes by? If you do reprimand him, are you not saying you wish to shorten the life of the man you love; or that you have a desire to have him suffer a higher probability of a heart attack, or, as I suspect is the more probable reason, are you just jealous that we've found a form of exercise that doesn't involve sweating in the gym for half an hour or starving ourselves half to death on rabbit food.
On one final point, chaps:  if we can find a McDonalds that employs only ladies with a 42DD's, we should be able to have burgers everyday for the rest of our lives and burn off the calories by doing what comes naturally.
Anyway, here's my cartoon to go with this truly entertaining story
Thank you Dr Weatherby for a true red letter day!
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