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Burst Shot & Best Photo Features

Posted on the 08 August 2012 by Mobileriam @roubalita

Since I am “working” at the London Olympic Park Samsung Pin and Galaxy Studio these days, I thought of making a video to showcase two of the most impressive features of the Galaxy SIII camera, Burst Shot and Best Photo.

The Burst Shot feature is a MUST HAVE for anyone watching the Olympic Games or having little children who never seem to stand still as it lets you shoot 20 photos in just 3 seconds which practically means that there is no way you can miss the magic moment when an olympic athlete is crossing the finishing line or that cute move your young child was making while dancing.

The Best Photo feature now, is also very helpful as we all love taking photos of friends and family.  Smartphones and digital cameras have however made us a little “greedy” meaning we don’t just want many photos but also the best ones…the one in which everyone in the photo is looking at the camera, smiling or not blinking. However, this has brought along one small problem….after we have shot all those photos we need to start looking at each of them closely to decide which is the best to keep!

With the Best Photo feature on the Galaxy SIII that problem is also solved as we don’t anymore have to go through all the photos we shot to find the best one.  Galaxy SIII is the smartest of all smartphones which means it does this for you!

It shoots 8 photos in a row with just one click and then chooses the best of all for you!  Of course if you don’t “agree” with its choice you can always choose the one you like!

As you watch the video, please listen carefully to that magic professional click, click, click….shutter click sounds when you use the Best Photo & Burst Photo features.

I personally love them cause they really make me feel like a professional


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