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Burglar Alarm System: Components, Types, How It Works & Uses

Posted on the 05 November 2019 by Tracy Ashley @stella_jea

Burglar Alarm System: Components, Types, How It Works & Uses

The burglar alarm system is an effective alarm system that will help to protect your property from burglars or any crime. Burglar alarm systems mainly consist of an array of electrical components. The main components are contacts, sirens and sensors. In this blog, we will know a little bit more about this system.

How Does a Burglar Alarm System Work?
All components work together. The contact & sensor help to detect any movement as well as the opening of windows and doors. After that, a siren starts producing sound with the flashing light to alert people to keep away from the intruders. At the same time, this signal is directly transmitted to the central monitoring station. Then immediate action is taken by sending authorities to your property. Thus it will help to protect your property. Even it also helps when you’re not in your home.

What Are the Components of a Burglar Alarm System?
All components of this system, including sensors, are properly interlinked with the control panel. You can activate or deactivate the entire system by using this panel. To do this, you can either use a fob or a number code. Nowadays, smartphones are also used to control this alarm system. The entire system is properly connected through an external siren or bell which is mostly mounted on the outside wall of a building. This device produces a sound which to alert people.

Types of Burglar Alarm
It is to be noted that in today’s market you will find a huge variety of burglar alarm systems. All are used for different applications. However, most of them work similarly. So, while choosing a burglar alarm system, you should consider which type of system will be perfect for you. There are some alarm systems which have speech communicators or dialers that will directly send a message to the registered phone numbers. Apart from that, you will find some alarm systems which come only with the bell systems. You will also find a monitored system which can send the signal directly to the call center. Then the call center authorities act accordingly.

What Are the Uses of a Burglar Alarm System?
The burglar alarm system has a variety of applications. It is used in different fields such as:

  • Industrial areas like warehouses, factories and offices.
  • Garages and residential homes.
  • Commercial premises such as restaurants, hotels and shops.
  • Storage facilities.

Therefore regular maintenance of this system will improve its performance, which gives you peace of mind. If you want to install this system to protect your property then contact a company who offers burglar alarms at a reasonable price.

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