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Bun Maska / Maska Pav

By Prasanna Hede @savorybites0411

A new post again and this is something I had on my list for a long time! finally it's famous Mumbai Bun Maska!
Bun Maska is a very delicious yet a very easy recipe to make. It's no surprise that these buns are primarily sold by Irani Cafe's in Mumbai. If you need to read more about Irani Cafe and their specialties,then here is excerpt from Wikipedia:

Irani cafes are Iranian-style cafes in South Asia. They were originally opened by Zoroastrian Irani immigrants to modern India and Pakistan in the 19th century. [1] Today, Hyderabad boasts the largest number of Irani cafés, [citation needed ] which are very popular for Irani chai (tea). [2]Karachi also has many Irani cafes. [1]

Mumbai cafés may serve 'bun maska' (bread and butter) and ' paani kam chai' (a strong Iranian tea), or khari chai (very strong tea), mutton samosas, and Kheema Pavs, akuri, berry pulao, vegetable puff, vegetarian/chicken Dhansak (a spicy broth with lentils, pulses) and Biryani, cherry cream custard, cheese khari biscuits, plain khari biscuits, coconut jam and milk biscuits and Dukes Raspberry drink. The Parsi Bhonu (meal) is available at most Irani restaurants.

Bun Maska / Maska Pav

I had these amazingly soft bread,with butter and sweet cream long time back and that was one experience I could never forget. There are a lot of restaurants in India that serve these Bun Maska these days.

Last year on my trip to Mumbai I had this chance to taste them again and so I did make full use of Mumbai trip and had amazing street food which is so fresh in my memories.

I had been planning to share this recipe of Bun Maska / Maska Pav for a long time but since, yesterday I was about to bake a bread loaf for dinner so I thought lets make some extra dough and keep for breakfast and make Bun maska.

For those who have never tasted this, the ideal bread for maska should be cotton soft and you should not have to bite into it hard enough to take a bite but rather every bite should quickly slip a piece of bread with underlying soft butter and cream in your mouth.

According to me the best thing that would go with bun maska is a hot cup of Tea. Whether you like regular Tea / Strong Tea / Green Tea, that doesn't matter. Just take a bite and sip of Tea together and bread will melt with that hot tea!

Bun Maska / Maska Pav

Bun Maska / Maska Pav

The bread that should work best for this recipe is Milk Bread.Not a sweeter kind but just bread made with Milk instead of water in making the bread dough.

If you have regular bread then it should work too but Milk bread kind of gives that nice touch to the final dish. This Milk bread is nothing different but check out my Soft Pav / Bread Recipe and just add Milk instead of water in the recipe.

Bun Maska / Maska Pav

By Prasanna Hede
Published 03/31/2017

Bun Maska / Maska Pav

  1. Take a 9" Soft Bread loaf.
    Preferably a Milk Bread but a regular bread loaf will do.
  2. Check the recipe how to make Soft Bread here.
    For India users,you can order the whipped Topping fromWhipped Topping
  3. For US users, you can order the Whipped Topping from Foam Topping
    Make sure in the recipe the whipping cream or topping should be chilled.
    If you are using whipped cream then beat it till forms stiff peaks.
    Add sugar and mix once lightly.
    Cut the bread into 1/2" Slices.
    Apply softened butter to the white part of bread.
    Apply generous amount of topping / whipped cream mix.
    Enjoy with a sip of tea / coffee!
    This is perfect breakfast or tea-time snack recipe.
Prep Time: 00:05:00 mins.

Bun Maska / Maska Pav

  • Use the very soft bread for this recipe.
  • Milk Bread would be perfect choice for this.
  • Butter should be soft and spreadable,but at room temperature.
  • Cream mix / topping should be chilled / cold.
  • If you are having whipping cream then beat cream and sugar till stiff peaks form and use.Instead if you have store bought whipped topping then use it instead.

Bun Maska / Maska Pav

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