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Bump! (Baby Under Manufacturing Process)

By Seamssewcreative
I'm back! Sorry for the temporary hiatus, but I have one of the best excuses :) Morning sickness and some serious fatigue drained all of my posting energy :( Yup, baby No. 2 is due Dec 9! Once we find out gender, you can bet I will be back at my sewing machine with a vengeance!
The past month has been filled with lots of nausea, and exhaustion, but I am slowly getting back to my old self, and ready to dust off my sewing machines. Right now I am deciding on my next project... I am thinking of doing an activity book for my little guy. Buttons, snaps and Velcro are his favorite things right now.
I'm thinking of making a book like this. But in a little boy version. I think all of the fasteners and closures will keep his itchy fingers busy, at least for a little while...
Hopefully I'm over the hump of the fatigue, and will be back soon with pics of my progress :)
Happy Sewing!

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