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Bullying at School Poem

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Bullying at school poem

This post is an anonymous guest post


Here I sit at a table on my own

Wish the bell would ring so I could go home

I don’t want to be the highlight of every horrid joke

Dont want to be the person the one they always poke

Dont want to have my hair pulled or spat at out of spite

The one they always say fatty have another bite

I wish the pain would go away, be left alone just for one day

Be loved for me and not just wat they see

Just wish I had some company a friend thats all thats all I ask

Is that such a big task?

To you all that may be one day you all will see just what u done to me

You made me stronger, you made me fight

You made me cry night after night

I will not be broken I will not fall

I am walking now im walking tall

Thats it now ive had enough tables turn

Its getting tough but I will not fail

I will not listen will not let my tears glisten

Im going to my teacher im going to tell

I hope u stupid bullys burn in hell

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