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Bulk Buying for a Greener Way of Life

Posted on the 28 February 2013 by Nrjperera @nrjperera

Adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle can be as nominal or as drastic a change as you’d like. Many people can get overwhelmed by the prospect of changing so many elements of their daily routine just to be better aligned with environmental considerations, but you don’t have to enact an overnight revolution. For many consumers, the best approach is a gradual one that lets you adopt new strategies over time as you get comfortable with your transition.

Shopping habits can play a large role in just how green you can become. While it’s lauded for the cost-saving benefits, buying in bulk can actually have a tangible impact on your green way of life. Here are some products you can buy in bulk to reduce your waste and become a greener consumer.


Cleaning products

The need for cleaning supplies is inevitable. Since you know you’ll have an endless use for certain products, it makes sense to purchase them in bulk and to have them on hand in your home. You can do this with hand soap, dish soap, surface cleaners, paper towels, toilet paper and a variety of other household cleaning products. The costs will be lower, and many of these items will come in larger containers to reduce the amount of packaging.


Families in particular can benefit from purchasing food in bulk. Not only do the costs drop considerably, but the packaging used for these foods will be much less than what you would get buying individually wrapped items and meals. And when you buy in bulk, you’ll inevitably have to make fewer trips to the grocery store, which saves gas and frees up more of your time.

Household supplies

There are plenty of everyday items so ingrained in our habits that it’s hard to stop using them. Napkins, facial tissues, garbage bags and other household supplies are simply a part of daily life. Even if you purchase biodegradable, eco-friendly alternatives, you’ll still be going through these supplies at your normal clip. Don’t be afraid to stock up on these items and buy them in large quantities—it may seem unnecessary to buy a 500-bag reel of garbage bags, but when you think about it, you’ll probably go through them eventually—even if it takes you a few years.

Light bulbs

Lights never find a convenient time to burn out. They always seem to die late at night when a trip to the store is inconvenient or impossible. By stockpiling light bulbs in your home’s storage area, you won’t have to wander through the dark waiting for daylight to break.

While it can lead to a higher up-front bill—and require an ample pantry—the savings of buying certain items in bulk will prove significant down the road. You’ll throw away less packaging, make fewer trips to the store and cut down on your costs all at once.

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