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Building Confidence

By Cbhojwani

Builders are arguably the bane of our existence. From their early morning hooting and hollering, while they callously chuck heavy materials about, to their lewd commentary and penchant for sharing their butt-cleavage! Still, they are a necessary evil.

Building Confidence

So when we had the exterior of our building renovated, we dealt with it and found a silver lining in the fact that we no longer needed to set our alarm. Every morning was the same where we lumbered along and got ready to the clashing of metal reverberating through our sanity!  Mrs.B stood in front of the mirror and moaned about her ever growing bump before heading to work.

It was thirty minutes later when Mrs.B called and the conversation went something like this:

‘So I was going to work today right?’

‘Yeah.’ I yawned.

‘And you know the builders outside the building right?’  


‘Well when I was walking by, they started whistling and flirting with me!’ She gasped.

‘Oh really?’

‘Yeah! Can you believe that?’ Her voice went up a notch.

‘That’s so….’

‘I mean look at me?’ She interrupted. ‘Even with the bump!'


'I mean I look so tired and did you see what I was wearing? Oh my God!’


‘Yeah! Exactly! And they were still whistling and everything!’ She repeated gleefully. ‘See! See! I still got it.’

Building Confidence

Confused by her elation I realized I needed to be cautious as my response could risk ruining her morning and in turn, my life. I had to quickly come up with a delicate response and after a few quiet seconds, I simply stated:

‘Congrats??? That’s great? I’m….erm…..proud of you?’
Marriage Tip No. 56: Builders! They work in mysterious ways.  
Welcome to our Renovated Marriage.

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