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Building a Professional Network Can Help with Your Job Search

Posted on the 08 November 2011 by Interactive Portfolio @IntPortfolio

Building a Professional Network Can Help with Your Job Search

With the nation’s unemployment rate hovering around 10% in most states, the competition is fierce for current vacancies. This environment requires strategic planning to ensure that you stand out amongst the hundreds or maybe even thousands of other candidates. Perhaps, one of the most effective ways to set yourself apart is by utilizing your personal and professional network (i.e., family, friends, colleagues, and associates) to leverage potential leads for available positions. Research indicates that businesses are more likely to hire a referral from a current employee than someone who goes through the normal application process. According to defense contractor, Booz Allen Hamilton, a whopping 55% of all new hires are recommended by family and friends of existing employees.

A personal recommendation from someone you know will not only assist you with finding your next position, but it can also have great benefits for the person in your network as well. Many businesses offer incentive programs for referrals which can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars for bringing in qualified candidates. In addition, the company saves valuable time and resources associated with the hiring process. Networking with people you know can have multiple benefits. It can help you to find a position more quickly and it can also help you to build valuable relationships with people who you can reach out to for both your current and future job search needs.

Your professional network is important and can play a major role during your job search. Remember, it’s not just about what you know but also who you know, so don’t be afraid to leverage your personal and professional contacts to increase your chances of finding a position.

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