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Buderus Condensing Combi Basic Plus 012 GB

By Futli @futlim

BasicPlus Buderus condensing boilers, flue gas condensation in the flue gas into the heat exchanger by the water vapor condensation and heat and is usually hidden benefits are taken into the atmosphere. Thus, the lower calorific value of gas through high efficiency of up to 103%. Heating water temperature, room temperature and the temperature of the water by the user with three full modulation. Stop-and-go in vain do not, because fuels from waste. Optional continuous control with a selection of rooms to room temperature by modulating the fuel consumption and thus save energy by constant room temperature of 0.5 ° C sensitivity creates a comfortable setting for you and your loved ones.

All safety and operating elements of the device is controlled by the 3 Cotronic. With a large LCD screen, as well as comfortable and easy to use, any errors that occur during operation with a digital display, numbers and letter codes are presented in a simple manner. The digital display on the front buttons and sanitation and the supply temperature is through the use of water, and adjusted value systems and the flow temperature is displayed in real time via the LCD display.

Very low fuel consumption

- Condensation technology, energy, water vapor can be used. After the lower heating value of up to 103% (50/30 ° C in the plant) has a standard efficiency.
- Thanks to the improved heat dissipation, the gas temperature drops to very low levels.
- Flame size after adjustment by the stop / run without the need runs.

High heat output

- 80/60 ° C trial, 22,000 kcal / h, the heat output 50/30 ° C operating condition of 23 400 kcal / h to reach the maximum capacity you can get the highest efficiency.

Buderus Condensing Combi basic plus 012 GB

Buderus Condensing Combi basic plus 012 GB

Very quiet operation

- Also under the noise level of targeted libraries.
- Full-capacity, 38dB (A)


- Low gas pressure (0.5 mbar) and low voltage protection (170V) to continue working

Complete Security

- Anti-lock braking system and the safety of freezing.
- Exhaust gas temperature and safety sensors, temperature, process temperature sensor circuit, water level sensor and the fan speed control sensor provides a complete secure operation. There are also 3 bar safety valve inside the unit.


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