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Bud Selig Is “Comfortable”

By Precious Sanders @pdsanders99

Bud Selig is down to his last handful of days as commissioner of baseball.  Selig took over baseball as chairman of the executive council in 1992, following Fay Vincent’s resignation. Though he insisted that he would never take the job permanently, Selig was elected commissioner in 1998 and will have been in charge of baseball for the second-longest term in baseball history. Only Kenesaw Mountain Landis, who held the job from 1920 to 1944, was commissioner longer.  On Sunday, January 25, Rob Manfred will take over as the new commissioner of baseball, thus ending Selig’s long run.

Bud Selig Is “Comfortable” Bud Selig Is “Comfortable” Bud Selig Is “Comfortable” Bud Selig Is “Comfortable”

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