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BUCN Perfect : Take Me Out to the Pirate Game (DET Vs. PIT)

By Kipper @pghsportsforum

This past weekend, I checked the weather and saw it was going to be gorgeous in Pittsburgh all this week. I called my best friend Kristen and told her we were going to see AJ Burnett pitch against the Tigers Wednesday. I got an AJB shirt, some iron on studs, and went to town Tuesday night designing my custom shirt. For those of you who don’t already know this, I absolutely love AJB. We have the same type of IDGAF personality and we aren’t afraid to tell someone to STFD. I'm also a huge fan of Grilled Cheese and Cutch.
Kristen and I work very close to PNC Park, it’s a short walk down the street. I told her we were on a mission: we were going to photo document the entire experience. She didn’t understand why, and I explained to her that many of you aren’t currently in Pittsburgh or have never been to PNC Park. Walking down Federal Street toward the Clemente Bridge is a very pretty view. I also got a panoramic view of the city from the river walk. And so begins our journey...
Looking Down Federal St.jpgJason Grilli Banner.jpgAJ Burnett Banner.jpgCutch banner.jpg
One of the many fun things to see outside PNC Park, besides the gorgeous view of the city, is all the statues of past Pirate greats. At the home plate we have the Honus Wagner statue. If you walk to the right along the first base side, you come to the statue of Maz waving his hat after that famous homer against the Yankees. Walking along the river, along the outfield wall will bring you to the center field gate. The center field gate is at the end of the Clemente Bridge, so naturally we have the statue of Roberto Clemente. Hang a left from Clemente along the third base side, and you’ll find Willie Stargell, bat in hand. I did my best pose with each of them. I hugged Clemente for good luck.
Honus Wagner Statue.jpgMaz Statue.jpgRoberto Clemente Statue.jpgWillie Stargell Statue.jpg
Our seats were above the Pirate dugout, along the third base line, so that we could see the view of the city and watch AJB pitch. We grabbed some fries, nachos, peanuts, and drinks in Andrew McCutchen souvenir cups and headed to our seats. PNC Park has THE BEST nachos in any of the three venues in Pittsburgh, hands down.
Nachos.jpgMyself and Kristen.jpg
AJB was a little off his game last night. Thru six innings he had four walks and four STFDs. Here's a pic of him warming up and one mid-pitch.
AJ Warming Up.jpgAJ Mid-Pitch.jpg
The Buccos struck first with Neil Walker’s homer in the fourth inning. AJB then watched the Tiger’s Cabrera homer and then make the game 3-1. We started to get a little antsy in our seats. The cutest little boy ever was sitting behind us, so we shared our peanuts with him and hoped the Buccos could turn the game around. It wasn’t long after AJB was done that the Pirates started to make it rain with runs.
Garret Jones and Russell Martin were both on base when El Toro brought them both home. Travis Snider hit a ball off the wall, and then Jordy Mercer bunted to bring Snider safely home. The crowd went wild as the Buccos took a 5-3 lead. Bryan Morris and Tony Watson of the Shark Tank both held the score at 5-3 for the one and only Grilled Cheese to get his 22nd save of the year!! Everyone in the park was on their feet for the last out of the 9th, a fly out by Cabrera.
Although it wasn’t one of AJB’s best games this year, he still kept his cool and didn’t allow his temper to flare too much. As we were exiting the game however, some drunk Detroit fan wearing a Verlander jersey two sizes too small (think fat guy in a little coat), was trying to pick a fight with me because I was wearing an AJB shirt. I am a city girl through and through, but Kristen isn’t and wouldn’t let me tell him to STFD. Apparently, he never got the memo that his team lost. You stay classy, Detroit fans!!
It was by far one of the most exciting Bucco games this season. I was so happy I got to see AJB and Grilli both pitch, I was pumped to see the hometown kid Neil Walker homer, and it was so awesome to be a part of the crowd for this big win!! I hope you enjoy my pictorial tour of PNC Park, in all her beauty!
I'm gonna attach the panoramas and inside the park shots on another post because they won't all fit in this one.

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