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BUCN Perfect : MLB Needs to Take a Firm Stance This Time

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
It’s time for MLB to take a more authoritative stance about PEDs. I am outraged as a fan, and you all should be too.

You know what really burns me about this scandal? I had to take a drug test and get fingerprinted, plus pass a 10 year background check to work at the airport and at the bank. My workplaces ALL have had zero tolerance policies regarding drugs and alcohol on the premises. Cheating in high school or college was punished by a failing grade and possible expulsion from school. My dad is a Union Steward for the Heavy Highway Carpenters here in Pittsburgh. EVERY time they go to a new jobsite, they are immediately drug tested. An accident happens at work? You get sent for drug and alcohol testing. So why is it that MLB can’t control these players?

MLB’s utter lack of control over PEDs in baseball is frightening. Lance Armstrong was stripped of ALL, I repeat, ALL of his Tour de France wins as well as his Olympic medals. He lost sponsorship from the US Postal Service. He has been publicly shamed. So why does MLB let players get away with a slap on the wrist? This current revelation about PED use is a direct result of their lack of discipline and lack of consequences from the steroid era of Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, etc. Had these players been given harsher punishment and stripped of their titles and awards, we wouldn’t be seeing this bull**** going on today.

This site details what these prior suspected and admitted cheaters are doing now. In case you forget who was involved in this scandal, you can check here to get refreshed:

It disturbs me that A-Rod admitted steroid use then, and is now under heavy suspicion of this new steroid allegation AGAIN. I don’t need to quote his awards and recognition here, but let’s point out a few major things: 14x all star, 5x HR champ, and a World Series. GIVE ME ONE GOOD REASON HE ISN’T BEING STRIPPED OF THESE TITLES!!! He’s the highest paid player in baseball and he’s a cheat!! Now, let’s go over Ryan Braun’s (the biggest tool and the ultimate d-bag of MLB) awards: NL MVP in 2011, 5x all star, HR champ 2012. HEY MLB WAKE THE **** UP!! YOUR MVP USED STEROIDS!!

Ryan Braun makes me absolutely sick. He’s one of only a few Jewish players in baseball. I am in no way attacking Jewish people or their religion, but if Ryan Braun wants to go around touting how he’s proud to be a role model for Jewish kids, maybe he should think about NOT DOING STEROIDS. What the **** kind of role model is that? One that cheats to get ahead? Come on dude, I thought you were a d-bag before, but now you’ve taken it to a whole other level of ultimate ****ing tool. NONE of the players in this report should be allowed to participate in any All-Star voting or events. Players shouldn't be rewarded with an All-Star spot for juicing; MLB are you serious??

This proves to the world that MLB has no way to contain the rampant use of PEDs. How dare some of these players cry the blues about not being inducted into the hall of fame? What a slap in the face to the entire world. They should be inducted into the hall of cheating and stupidity. Tiger Woods lost a ton of sponsorships because he was cheating on his wife. Are all these sponsors going to pull the plug on deals with these steroid users?? They better if they want to keep their reputation positive.

Why should fans be outraged? When a ref or an ump makes a bad call, the fans boo and get ****ed. If the fans suspect a player of hitting dirty, trying to purposely injure someone, or any other nonsense in a game, they go crazy!! People were calling for Matt Cooke to be banned from hockey for his hit in game one of the finals on Saturday. Michael Vick went to jail for dog fighting. DOG FIGHTING!!! The Steelers have released players for domestic violence, being drunk and stupid in South Side, and tweeting that they smoked weed. Baseball teams lie down and let these players do whatever they want!! Why aren’t the teams of these baseball cheaters taking a stance as well?

MLB has a really good opportunity here to take a more serious, zero tolerance policy here towards PEDs and these players. This scandal proves that nothing the MLB did during the Sosa-McGwire-Bonds era did anything to deter future players from using PEDs. It proves that the lack of consequences, lack of discipline, and lack of accountability are all conducive to players still abusing steroids.

If you knew you could cheat and get away with it, would you? Some people say no, never, but some people with lack of morals would take the chance in a heartbeat!! Look at where all those players are now that were accused last time: retired and living it up, coaching, or being crazy on twitter (Jose Canseco). No remorse, no punishment, and most are still involved in baseball somehow. SICKENING.

Oh, so what about other sports you say? Football is bordering on becoming as laughable as MLB. Ray Lewis and his deer antler nonsense. That guy from the Bears that just got suspended yesterday for substance abuse. Weslye Saunders who played for the Steelers last year that got suspended for substance abuse, but he went to Indy and played there. I hate to say this, but it goes back to the discussion we were having on a previous post about how hockey has steered clear of most of this nonsense. Hockey has basically made it through all these scandals unscathed.

A-Rod claimed that the pressure to perform was a reason he used steroids. NEWSFLASH DIP****!! Everyone at any job has pressure to perform. I’m a notary, I stamp legal documents all day long. I have to stamp every single file and fill it out correctly or the legal repercussions will come back on me, and I could potentially lose my job. My sister is a nurse’s aide, and she’s under tremendous pressure constantly to make sure her patients are all comfortable and well cared for. Freaking doctors are under pressure to perform correctly 100% of the time or face lawsuits from patients!! WHO IS THIS GUY TRYING TO KID???

As a Pirates fan, I take this very seriously and very hard. It makes me LIVID and it should make all of you angry too. Look at our guys this season, going out there, giving an honest effort, and they’ve been surprisingly not too shabby so far. But we’ve had 20 losing seasons in a row. The only player ever associated with steroids from the Pirates was Barry Bonds.
We are an honest team, we honestly go out on that field and do work. Maybe that’s why we aren’t among the league’s "elite" clubs; we aren’t cheaters. I tend to think that people in Pittsburgh wouldn’t support a guy who was rumored to have juiced, let alone admitted or proven to have used. It's time that MLB calls bull**** on all this and gets the players under control before they lose their reputation as well.

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