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Bubba's First Snow Experience

By Samantha Curtis @hooahandhiccups
Growing up in Ohio, I saw my fair share of snow. We'd get all bundled up, play outside in the white wonderland, and come inside for hot soup and hot chocolate. 
Bubba's First Snow Experience
Bubba saw his first snowfall yesterday and it was SO much fun. We only stayed outside for a few minutes but his confused expression was priceless. 
Bubba's First Snow Experience
With each milestone that passes, I'm reminded of how precious time truly is. I cannot believe our little man will be one in a little over a month. Where has the time gone? How can I slow it down? 
I guess the answer is I can't. So I try and document it and live in the moment as much as I possibly can. I can't imagine life without him nor can I remember life before him. He is our everything, and we love him more than words can say. 
Feeling extra lovey dovey; I plan on holding my baby a little tighter today. 
Don't let these precious moments pass you by...<3

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