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Bryan Adams: Exposed in Dusseldorf

By Michelle Jr @abeeandtoe

When the Day Tripping Bowl of Destiny decided we were heading to Dusseldorf for the day, I was excited.  As we started to research just what we should be seeing in Dusseldorf my head nearly exploded as it turns out Bryan Adams has a photography exhibition at the NRW-Forum.

I am a big fan of Bryan Adams.  Both of his music (you may recall that I travelled to London last year to see him play the Royal Albert Hall) and also his pictures.  He is (in my humble opinion) a very talented photographer.

I have seen two of his previous exhibitions (Nunnington Hall, York in 07 and National Portrait Gallery, London in 08), so I knew that it was going to be good.  But I wasn’t prepared for just how many pictures would be on display, or just how good they would be.

Bryan Adams Exposed
Amy Winehouse Bryan Adams Exposed
Bryan Adams Exposed NRW Forum Dusseldorf

There are two parts to the exhibition… firstly is a collection of portraits; my favourites being those of Michael Shannon, The Queen, Victoria Beckham and Danny Trejo.  The NRW-Forum is a great space and although they were a lot of people visiting, it didn’t feel crowded at all.

Bryan Adams Exposed Exhibition Dusseldorf
Exposed Exhibition Dusseldorf Bryan Adams
Bryan Adams Exposed Dusseldorf
Bryan Adams Exposed Exhibition
Exposed by Bryan Adams Dusseldorf

In a slightly separate area is the second part of the exhibition.  This features photographs of British servicemen who have been injured during their time in Iraq or Afghanistan.  There is a definite shift in the atmosphere as you move between the two parts of the exhibition.  The first part is fun, people are smiling and talking about the pictures.  But as you enter the second area; voices are hushed and eyes are moist.

Both the soldiers and their portraits are amazing. I cried and felt a whole range of emotions ranging from gratitude to awe at how brave these men are.

After the exhibition we had a walk along the Rhine, heading home when it started to rain.   I will absolutely be back to explore more of Dusseldorf.


Exposed by Bryan Adams is being held at the NRW-Forum until 22nd May 2013. Adult entry is €5.50


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