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Bruxelles Midi x Paris Nord

By Agnes

On the train to Paris as I type this, uploading some photos from the past few days.  

Can hardly remember the last time I was on a train… or the last time I was in Paris for that matter. It's probably been three years, maybe more.




Still a bit sleepy from last night's crazy sleep -- my friend and I both had the weirdest night last night. By the way I love traveling & working with her, it's our second trip together, of hopefully many more to come. 


Paris next to the apartment

Didn't have a chance post the above -- as we got into Paris, Brussels faded into a distant memory :-) Hopefully it won't rain the whole time we are here but right now I don't even mind. 

Guess this post wasn't meant to be, fell asleep (again!) after the last sentence -- this will be my third attempt trying to make this post happen. Off to get some food and wine -- we gonna eat in. Four of us ladies are sharing an apartment, two of them I've just met but love already. Bid you all a good night.

Until next time.


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