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Brush with Death Or Covid

Posted on the 09 May 2020 by Isiswin @Isis_Win

By Isis Win 1457 words

BRUSH WITH DEATH OR COVIDValle de Bravo, Mexico. Partial view of the lake and as usual offering phenomenal skies. Different everyday.

I am prone to talk about what I know, and I think, but when it comes to that kind of stuff that is quite personal, I shy away from sharing because feelings tend to be changeling, and it takes time to figure out the new discovery. However, I feel this past experience of mine deserves to be shared.

More than a week ago, I woke up as usual around 4 AM to pee. When I am sitting at the toilet, I sensed difficulty in passing urine, and once it started moving, I felt a burning sensation. I bet no one becomes concerned about something as little as this at that time of the morning. Neither did I. I woke up around 6:30 AM, and again, the burning sensation got me. I had a bad headache as well, but I did not pay attention to that. I went for coffee around seven, and my body was aching pretty bad. Once I had coffee went to the bathroom again, and all went well, but the headache grew pretty big. More significant than any migraine I ever had. My body was fully dehydrated, which is too weird since I drink lots of water all the time. I had a full glass of water, and 5 minutes later, I was dry again. The chills started, so I went to bed and decided to stay there until feeling better.

Past 2 PM, I received a WA message asking me if I was going to eat. I went to the dining room, apologized to my mother, and said I am not feeling right, so I went back to my room. Since we have the Covid threat, my mother came to my room, face mask, and gloves on and checked my temperature. I had 37.5 Celsius. It was about one degree lower because I took tramadol that helped with the pains. My mother believed it was not a case of Covid. However, for the next 48 hours, I stayed in my room, did not eat, and I drank massive amounts of water, and I was taking tramadol about every 8 hours. Dehydration did not goo away. The headache just became “milder,” chills wrapped me over and over; pressure on my eyes was as well quite painful but did not lose my sense of smell or taste. Needless to say, I was not hungry for three days. Because I had an empty stomach, there was no symptom around that.

My system was so dry that for the first time in a long time, I could breathe freely during sleep. I am a light smoker, light, but smoke is smoke. But as well, I have asthma. Since I did not have any respiratory problems other than that, both produce mucus, which bothers me at night. Since my chest was pain-free, I assumed this is not Covid. My sister and mother insisted on going right away to the hospital. I did not based on the information provided by health groups. The recommendation is to call the Dr. to explain your symptoms and stay home. I went to the hospital during 4th day. I went to check if I could get a Covid test. Two long Q-tips were used to extract samples from my mucus areas—one for way on the top of my nose and the other one way deep into my throat. A nurse checked my vitals, and a Dr. came afterward. After his examination, he said that all my symptoms were clear indications of Covid but sent me home since my lungs were fine. I did and waited for the results.

Everything started the early morning of Saturday 2nd by Tuesday the 4th. I did not receive my results, so I went to my regular Dr. After listening to my report, the Dr. examined and told me she had seen several cases of Covid in the last few days, and they were identical to mine. All checked contaminated, and they recovered in a matter of 3 days. She said only 3.4% of the cases are severe with pneumonia symptoms, and a few of that die. Yet, you are another survivor, and now, you have been vaccinated, she said.

Those 48 hours plus were painful, very painful. I was not concerned at all because I did not experience any respiratory symptoms. I skipped diarrhea because my vowel was pretty much empty, but the headache I would not wish it even to my worst enemy. The body aches were pretty intense, too, and the chills were ridiculous. I was comfy in bed, and suddenly I felt like naked at the top of Aspen Mountain in winter. The dryness of my mouth was literally driving me nuts because my throat and mouth were like burning regardless of the amounts of water I drank. I wish I could have ice chips, but I did not want to bother anyone.

At the Dr.s office, she called the hospital for my results, and she was explained that traces of Covid presence were found, but the virus was dead. Then she prescribed me an antibiotic for my prostate that became massively swollen due to the virus presence and my defense mechanism, keeping my body so dry as a defense that my urinary track got stuck trapping urine, An infection followed. If that did not work, my defense system would go into a hyper-drive mode, fill my body with inflammatory fluids; then the breathing problem would start, she said.

I thought of sharing about this experience because a few items I picked from talking to the Dr. that seem essential to know for everyone. #1 that the rate of seriously ill people is just 3.4%, so most people getting Covid will survive the mild symptoms. #2 it is believed by the health systems that almost all the population (if not everyone) of the world will be contaminated. Again, only 3.4% will be at risk. Hope for a vaccine actually is quite low since the virus is slowly mutating, and a vaccine created today may not work tomorrow. #3 it is of utmost importance to make sure that not everyone at home is sick at the same time. That increases the chances of an adverse reaction, and as well, somebody healthy should be available to help others. #4 although the chances of a vaccine that works for everyone is rather low, there is a chance that killing the virus once infected and treated since the beginning can be the lifesaver. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to stay on top of the symptoms. As soon as experiencing chest pain or breathing difficulty, go to the hospital. There is an excellent chance that the virus will be stopped right on the spot.

Covid 19 is a first in our history, but there are too many similarities in our past that should be looked into to avoid having dramatic secondary effects as we see today. The leaders of the world (government) should start the process immediately along with the health authorities, and we should follow to the dot. If the leader undoubtedly leads well, of course! During the Black Plague, people were told not to go out of their homes, and most likely, they would be safe. We know the sad end of this episode. A responsible government, ready to attack the threat, would pass the basics (food and drinking water) to all those families in need. It did not happen during the plague. But we can say, that was a first too. However, today, in the 21st century, we missed shutting down our borders and only allowing us to get home when to return from abroad AND after been tested. The sick would be sent to the select units for treatment, and everyone waits for the new call. Nothing like that happened here, and who knows if anywhere in the world, Hmm South Korea excelled the response compared to most countries.

Where I am, hundreds of people (I am part of the team) are collecting food and water and taking them to the distributor center in charge of passing the provisions to the homes. Although that effort was too slow, a delayed reaction, it will undoubtedly slow down the spread.

We learn as we go, but regardless of our US wealth and power, we seem to be weak before impending threats that are as dangerous as any national security issue, and in my view, this the number one among all. We must ensure nothing like happens again. Viruses will exist forever, will threaten us, so we must be prepared to avoid a catastrophe. Our leader has been hired by us to carry that mission at any cost, don’t you agree?

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