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Bruised Collar Bone & A High Temperature; Just Another Day

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
Bruised Collar Bone & A High Temperature; Just Another Day

Poor Kody In The Wars


So Kody fell off the sofa yesterday, well not so much fell more like toppled off the side of it. He was trying to open the window, yea he’s 2 and thought it a little warm, nothing wrong with that? Except he cant reach the window so as he stretched to reach, he fell.

Crash, bang onto the wooden flooring wailing like a crazed banshee. I scooped him into my arms and after a few “yea yea poor baby”, he was soon running round again, sporting yet another bruise to his forehead.

He was fine, didn’t each much of his tea but was happy to strip off for a bath, trying to play sharks when he sprawled out in the bath he clutched his neck and cried. OH.

After a bedtime story and two spoonfuls of Calpol, yes I forgot the new guidelines had changed so he had an extra 2.5ml more than he should have done, he slept all night so I am not complaining.

Except when he woke this morning he cried as I changed him, cried when I dressed him, clutching his neck. I phoned the GP surgery and as always no appointments, so I try the concerned mommy voice and it works, I can have an emergency appointment at 3pm.

Sitting in the doctors room he goes mad, he hates people and especially people who want to poke about in his ears, no idea why she was checking his ears as it was his neck that hurt. After wondering if we should take him to get checked out at hospital she decides its probably only bruised and prescribes Calpol and Iburofen, but I have a letter that explains all if I want to take him to hospital.

She asks me did I know he had a temperature, em no I didn’t? Did I not think to check it? Em no he fell off the sofa, I was more concerned if he had broken a bone, never thought to check if he was hot? Apparently that was a big mommy fail. My poor baby had a temperature and I didn’t even know.

He sleeps on the way home and I am stocked up on pain relief for him. He’s snoozing away happily now so we shall see what the night and tomorrow brings.

 Just another day in the mad house.


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