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Browse This Msn Special Characters!

By Bonsoni.com @bonsoni

Browse this Msn special characters!As you probably know, one of the most innovative things that happened in the recent history of chat repetition of something that has been, in fact, for more than five years old - in a copy of the email icons talks MSN.

You can find many messaging icons, and not even have to download and install on your MSN, copy the message status update WLM WLM name and conversation. He quickly make your colleagues WLM select Insert Super MSN emoticons in your name and updates a status update message

There are many different types of WLM old special characters (see below):

MSN Messenger smiles Time
You can tell people how time is now upon you or tell people in your conversation with your mood or your partner smile line this Inserting special characters.

z: -. good weather

Alt codes Violin Sheet
sweet songs to calm our minds the existence of small and boring daily. Why not enjoy breakfast time with a colleague by the old glue musical note and some characters who speak of a bygone era?

Z. B k - bar one note of early music.

Smileys and emotions
Have you ever been in a time when many contacts inserted with Alt-messenger the same character? Do you feel tired and uncreative world about it? This is a good time to find something unique and rare.

IE: - MSN smiley face icon

MSN heart symbols
Emotes red heart is the brightest way to show your affection to your friends. Are the words find nothing compared to this emoticon, as it is worth millions of words ..

Example: A - MSN Heart icon

Horoscope and zodiac symbols email
It is obvious that people crazy about the art of horoscopes and astrology. Believe it or not, many people often spend time many types of tests take the destiny of their company, marital status and the house in the future to determine. Therefore, even astrological Smileys installed on your status message update or WLM and WLM name in your chat window.

Example: R - Capricorn WLM smile

recreation smile
Think about what will be said when your name to WLM includes a set of chess sign reading Alt your partner page. they are, perhaps, mouth, open their mental abilities and maybe even feel generous with you? Why not simply copy and maybe make you happy!

Z. B: T - King WLM emote.

It shapes symbols
If you have some explaining to a friend, but do not have access to the right way? The use of special characters WLM can find many kinds of ways. These forms can help when you need to describe the shapes of their colleagues.
ie ² - triangle Smilie

You could update your emoticons special status message WLM seen with the upgrade, and now you can too! Have fun with these old special code!

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