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Brown Fingers

By Saveeverystep @saveeverystep

Four years ago we bought a Victorian house with a lovely garden.

The problem was, it was built in 1973. The garage was falling down, the concrete paving was wobbly and there was a rockery. We aren’t really rockery folk if you know what I mean? Here is the view from the back of the house back then. Rambling outbuildings, et al.

pre moving in
We set about systematically destroying this perfectly acceptable patch of land.

bare garden
We built a large kitchen/family room extension with a deck terrace.

2 sep 2011a
We knocked down the garage before it blew away, and built a patio.

patio during
 We put in a path, erected a (large) shed, and my amazing husband constructed a bespoke pergola from a picture I’d seen in ‘I want that one’ style.

pergola construction

garden nearly there June 2014
Fifteen tonnes of top soil were unceremoniously dumped on our driveway. Thank God for teenagers.

man at work
The vegetable & herb beds were constructed and filled. Trees were planted and gravel was liberally distributed.

herb bed
The old garage wall (painting a work in progress!) has been turned into a courtyard garden. On the patio, a raised bed will be filled with bamboo. The teen has his long-awaited basketball hoop, and the piece de resistance (a wood-fired pizza oven) has its plinth ready for husband to build it.

oven ready
Finally, this weekend, the turf was laid and cut to shape and a celebratory glass was filled. The sun did its thing for us.

from shed

from deck
I absolutely love this garden. Although there is still a great deal to do, we have worked SO hard and have finally made our mark on this little patch of England. All we need now is furniture, plants, and a summer fit for parties.



Brown Fingers
Brown Fingers
Brown Fingers
Brown Fingers
Brown Fingers
Brown Fingers

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