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Brother & Sister

By Astridtemplier @AstridTemplier

Recently I decided to concentrate on portrait and try to capture different kinds of special relationships. Family obviously is the most important one, and immediately my friend Anne-Laure and her brother Antoine sprung to my mind. They’re both very attractive – and what’s more – they look so much alike it was almost too easy. But the best thing of all was definitely their deep knowing of each other and the amazing complicity they have been building since childhood. To me, this was the greatest evidence of their bond, even more so than shared family features. And according to them, being photographed together was a lovely experience; they chatted, laughed, and simply enjoyed themselves, which took out any self-conscious feeling of facing the camera. This was a really wonderful photo session, and I look forward to doing more of these!

Brother & Sister: Antoine and Anne-Laure

Anne-Laure & Antoine - laughing

Anne-Laure & Antoine - horsing around

Anne-Laure & Antoine - armchair

Anne-Laure & Antoine

Anne-Laure Portrait 2

Anne-Laure Portrait

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