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Brooke Du Jour in the City

By Mdrcasual @meganrutledge
The darling Brooke Reagan of Brooke Du Jour never fails to amaze. Of course it is all too fitting that this summer she has landed an internship at Marie Clare in New York City! I couldn't resist asking her all about life in the zoo and all of her fabulous adventures!
Brooke Du Jour in the City
What has been your favorite part of living in the 212 been so far?
Do I have to pick just one?! I feel incredibly grateful to love and feel appreciated at my magazine internship. I’ve been exposed to so many different types of stories, and now know I’m interested in covering more than fashion in my future career. That being said, I’m a huge fan of the weekends in the city too! I’ve spent almost every Saturday at Smorgasburg on the Williamsburg waterfront with its awesome food trucks. There’s nothing better than picking up lunch at Handsome Hanks and lounging on a picnic blanket by the water with friends. This answer could go on much longer, but I don’t think your readers have all day!
I've gotta ask, how do you manage to always look so put together? Any tips for the naturally disheveled? What helps you channel your inner Jackie O?
Why thank you! I’ve always thought of myself as the girl who can’t wear white without spilling something ridiculous like barbeque sauce all over me, so a Jackie O comparison is a huge compliment! Well, I recently did a huge closet clean out and purged every piece of clothing I didn’t love. Also, when I’m shopping, I only buy something I know I can wear three different ways and is absolutely fabulous. A closet full of few but killer pieces makes it a lot easier to get dressed in the morning! Throw on a dress (most likely polka-dotted), favorite everyday jewelry, minimal makeup and dash out the door!
What are your summer essentials? Favorite products, fun clothing finds, new jewelry trends, etc?
I’m all about hot pink mani/pedis, ice cream with rainbow sprinkles on a hot day and my Madewell drifter shades- those babies go everywhere with me!
What's your go-to dress code/ office outfit at Marie Claire? How do you recommend ladies transition their business casual into the summer heat?
Let me tell you- this New York heat holds no prisoners! I’ve probably worn pants one time this entire summer (I couldn’t resist wearing my DVF pink pants to work just once). Obviously it depends how lax your office dress code is, but I’ve been sticking to sleeveless blouses, pencil skirts and ballerina flats- I can’t handle wearing heels from 9 to 5! Also, make the topknot your best friend.
What is the difference between NYC style and Dallas style? Is there a difference? Which city is better dressed?
Ooh, I don’t want to get myself into trouble and say one city dresses better than the other. Stylish women inspire me in both cities. I have to say though- there’s something about a Southern boy in a bowtie that makes me swoon ; )
What is on your wish list to purchase this summer? What trends are you loving right now?
My delusional wish list or real wish list? If we’re dreaming big here, I’d love to get my hands on a black classic Chanel bag. Every chic New York girl seems to have one and I die of jealousy every time I spot one. In the wallet-friendly zone, I’m lo
ving patterned shorts and skirts from J.Crew and Forever21—if it has a pineapple, bicycle, floral or polka dot print on it, I probably own it. In terms of trends I’d like to see vanish from the planet- I’m really over the crop top. Coachella 2008 called and it wants its shirt back.

Brooke Du Jour in the City


Brooke Du Jour in the City

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