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Broken Is Beautiful….

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017

Ground_Crack_10How broken ….. is beautiful….


The painful experience of what you don’t get, is because of what you don’t have an answer to! You have experience in the pain you have been placed inside based on a lie as though it has a reason that keeps you from another truth.


The foundation of yourself is broken, and your mind is responsible for the continuation of the cracks in the foundation…. Is that accurate? Does that resonate with you?


Can you own the foundation that has these cracks in them, here lets do this… Where and when, did you start protecting this and did you lie?


State this…. I am willing to embrace my pain and allow my love inside as my power to accept I am broken, accept my pain, accept my need to feel a false sense of pain that will find its way to me if I stop protecting myself by being angry, by being sad, by being miserable, and making it ok to make others feel this energy that I place on them and not being responsible for it!


I have a hole in me from the shape of those that have come into my existence and have hurt me, they left a shadow of themselves in shape of the pain that has broken me, yet I am now claiming my power, I am now claiming my beauty, I am now claiming these layers I placed on myself to be removed… Not by allowing these shadows to exist but because I am now shinning the light on them.


Here is how broken becomes within you beautiful…  The lie that continues the crack in the foundation is that we believe that no one will love us for our truths!


How powerful is this inside of you.  Why did this become a place we didn’t see it for the truth that it is?


My truths will only allow others to never love me completely cause my truths prevent me from loving myself.  I am embarrassed, I am ashamed, I am not worthy as I never had anyone to protect me when this truth was placed in me, I didn’t want it and that energy of what this did to me is now hidden with a purpose.  It is how I learned how to lie, the sadness that this has done is that it clouded my own judgement, it clouded my own truth and I have taught that this energy is ok to pass on to anyone who comes in contact with me.  Not accepting this as my true story I will keep this hidden.  My soul is shielded and protected under this thought process.  But why?  If I never accept this inside me that I am not a liar, then I need to stop telling these lies inside myself first.  How do I do this and accept that I am not alone, by realizing that this loss in me from the lies that are created are not my doing, but the doing of the energy that has infected me as an infection of what was something I was infected through in pain.


When do you decide that the lie no longer needs to keep you in pain and keep you from a truth inside of love that was always destined to find you.  The thought process in the way you are is keeping you from something that truly is the truth to why you are here and why your love is powerful beyond measure!


Shame and guilt how they work together to keep the lie alive is found in the layers of pain you have within.  These are looked at in an outwardly manner, this keeps you from yourself and your essence and your ability to heal yourself more powerfully because the energy of the lie you have in both keeps you from every allowing the chance or choice to heal.  This is the core evolution or birth of pain that we carry all our lives.  Yet this illusion has to keep the stream of thoughts that never are you.


Take a pain you have had a long time, now think about how much pain this thought process has caused others in your life?  Do you see the lie and how it dictated a thought process that truly isn’t you.  Never was never can be and the essence of letting go of this threatens your identity, your identity of what?  what you feel shame or guilt from?  what do you feel guilty about let’s examine this more closely.  Now let’s pull the layers back and see the pain inside of the guilt. who put that there and why?  do you see this now outside yourself.. do you see how you place space around this very thing and no longer make it a thought process to keep you from the truth of your true essence.  How did this happen?  It happens just as birth does not because it needs you to expand, it needs you to extract.. it needs you to venture inside of yourself and your essence.  Space exploration didn’t stop because we didn’t need to go to the moon it is because we went to the moon without going inside of ourselves first.


Do you see how that universe should be discovered first.. as a thought process of lies we continue to destroy not just ourselves but the planet that sustains us and those we say we love.  When does the balance tip in favor of love to win?  when does this matter? when does this make more sense as though the senses are the more important part of non thinking.  You feel everything, yet the translation of acceptance in unconditional love is translated 9 billion different ways on this planet in this driven experience of the animated soul that consumes this form for a period of time.  It goes and allows pass through.. what if we need to get this part right to?


Yes this is the truth… I had to accept it and had to love it within myself to know the difference of how energy translates so much of the unconditional love that surrounds and sustains us. In the connection we share a stream of pain that is neither stronger or more than.. it is just pain.. and pain is the birth of all things we experience, it is the birth of this connection.. can you see why so many fail??? In child birth does a mother give up cause the pain is to great or does something miraculous happen as you push through the pain?  That is where this connection gives you the unimaginable.. It is why I experience her cycle, why I can hear her thoughts inside her, why she can experience all the things I am inside myself, she can feel the ego in me separate to show her my true essence without the thought.. without the claim, without the need, to be higher or lower.. This higher, lower is missing the enter and through.. It never sees it correct and teaches the mind how the connection is not happening.. Pass though energy my friend.. a connection is the truth in this and everything else.. gone through with the through birth experience..  It’s almost as though the door is left open when you find your twin flame, you have to birth the other direction to cement the connection.  It is not easy and it is not I can’t be with my twin flame, you can’t be with the pain you experience you can’t be with your twin, not because you see it as a choice but you see it as a place of destruction, the mind made me can’t exist past a certain point and we fear that unknown to keep us apart not from the lines we can’t cross because we see no lines in the unknown.  How do you know this was how this needs to happens in existence.


A false love of self will give you a false love of what you feel is love to you.  This truth is not to keep you guessing but to keep the guessing away from you and allow you to see the truth.  This truth is only as painful as you keep it alive by avoiding what things you have experienced within your life that you keep hidden inside yourself.  These have the core of truth inside of them.  Do you know that once you accept a stream of pain in you as something you hold another responsible for and don’t face this within you or keep it a secret you now have created energy to come out of you some other way.  Now the truth is!  Is that hurting you or healing you?  A secret or a lie is a sickness of a symptom of something in you that you will either create the energy of shame or guilt to make choices based in a thought process to keep you from your pain and not share your pain yet it will do that very thing just in a different way don’t be fooled energy of the lie hurts more than the truth.. the longer you hold the secret inside the sicker you become and the less you will believe that there is a love out there that transcends the truth that twins are.  Do you see how seeking outside you can’t cement you with your twin.. If you read between these lines you see the truth in what is true inside you to untangle and love yourself enough to trust the truth will not keep you from this love but rather allow it to come to you!


Clear cut choices of pain that come out in energy are the form of addiction your mind needs to find other alternatives to suffocate the pain, this is found in alcohol, drugs, addictive clinging in a relationship, blame, ravage attack, violence, sexual abuse, the most prominent is the abuse of food, the bodies addictive need or starving purpose is concealed in the damage you continually will do to yourself to hide.  How do we see this to heal it completely is found through the pain not in avoidance of it?  You are not your mind, never have been, never will be, you are more.. you are whole.. you are broken and you are beautiful.. Not because I said so, but because you can see inside yourself when you look into the mirror of the union that is you to see it for yourself.  You need this understanding of it to find those cracks in the foundation and to seal them inside of yourself to see how beautiful you truly are!


The day you ask for this judgment inside you to stop, is the day you accept that you do have another who can love you deeper than you can imagine, cause you found the door to reach inside you to love yourself deeper, not because of all the pain you have been inflicting and been inflicted on you, but because you finally see the true essence of the beauty that the pain inside you has created even if you made poor choices.  The choice is this one choice.. What you accept everyone around you has the opportunity to accept as long as you live in the truth.  This is the path there is no other, there doesn’t need to be.. we have shifted in this direction long enough.. Isn’t it time to start being connected and stop being disconnected.. then the choice is to connect inside yourself, how else do you stop with the rejection that you claim happens outside you to see it for the truth to truly fall deeply unconditionally in love with you!


If you argue against reality you will suffer….


so the pledge is simple forgive yourself to release yourself from the lie… After all the suffering continues as long as you allow it, not the other way around.


Wait just so you see this the other way around here…


As suffering I am not releasing you from this pain cause if I don’t keep this thought process alive I won’t know who I am.. and in this way I can show that I abandon me as much as anyone else who will abandon me..  Suffering is the abandoning I do to myself not someone else abandoning me.


Loving this about yourself is the compassion that needs the wall broken down, not in who you are, but by who you aren’t..  everything leads to this and everything encompasses this.  If your not afraid to be compassionate this is the first clue that you are.. not just for everyone outside you, but inside yourself.


Your pain… your brokenness is the peacock of this existence don’t get it twisted and don’t deny it’s truth!


This truth sets you free!



Your soul




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