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Broken Bones, OT Evaluations and Gunfire......oh My.

By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert
Today was a CrAzY day. Day before yesterday Peyton fell and broke his clavicle. It was a nasty brake. We were advised to see a surgeon. Today, we saw a fruity dude at Reddy and Lessenburys. He seemed to think with good at home care it would heal correctly on it's on with no surgery. We go back in 10 days.
Today was also Zackary and Eli's OT evaluations at TJ. Eli tested great, as i suspected he would but wanted to kill two birds with one stone. Zackary however had a few quirks and tough areas just as I thought he would. They were wonderful there to the boys. Kuddos to those fantastic women. Zackary goes back next week to start some OT. First, we are going to strenghten his little sensitive ears. She says she has a plan of action for him. Just want I love to hear........a plan.
The lady who tested the boys was thrilled at the idea of our support group. She was wondering if she could come by one of our meeting sometime with her card and some info since sensory issues go hand in hand with our kiddos.
School is just around the corner. I'm not ready. We took the kids to Guntown Mt Sunday and they loved it. Zackary was a little bent outa shape by the gun fire. Note to self........ a child how does not like noises will not like gunfire. Duh.
Broken bones, OT evaluations and gunfire......oh my.
I hope the week has been great for you all. Ours has been......interesting.

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