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Broken Boiler? No Hot Water? – HomeServe Troubleshooting Advice

By Futli @futlim

“www.homeserve.com – There’s nothing more chilling than cold water running from your hot tap. Working out why you don’t have any hot water’s a hard job, and it’ll take you half the day, but this guide will show you how to find the problem yourself. Step 1 Check power supply Before you start, make sure that there is power going to the boiler – the panel light should be on, and the pressure gauge should be showing around 1 bar. Step 2: Pump Have a quick check to make sure that your pump is running by feeling the side of the pump for motion. You might have to take the side panels off your boiler to get at it. If it doesn’t appear to be running, you will need to get a qualified heating engineers in to investigate. Step 3: Thermostat You may be facing these cold showers because your thermostat is too low or maybe not even on. Check that the power switch is turned to on and that the thermostat controlling the water temperature is set high enough. Step 4: Pilot Light Make sure that the pilot light goes on when needed. If it won’t, then your water certainly won’t be hot. To re-light it, follow the instructions in the manual or on the side of the boiler. If you have tried out all our troubleshooting tips and you are still faced with a cold water, give HomeServe a call on 0800 247 999″
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