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By Monetm1218 @monetmoutrie
I broke my arm on Monday night.
And for what reason?
To save a dozen eggs.
Ryan and I were walking home from the grocery store, and I was wearing my flashy wide-leg pants. We made a move to cross Guadalupe while the traffic lanes were clear. As I ran across the usually busy street, my feet became tangled in my pants, and I stumbled, catching my fall with my elbow—a dozen eggs staying upright in my hand.
A few hours later I returned home with a splint and sling—fractured radial head and almost complete immobility of my dominant-right arm.
Baking and writing, my two passions, will be difficult endeavors for the next few months. I’m plodding through work (and this blog post) with my left hand. I may try baking tonight (with Ryan’s help, of course).
The going is slow…but I’m still going!
Already, I’ve been gleaning lessons from my tumble—don’t ever run across a busy street, forgo wide-leg pants, always chose elbows over legs—but also some more meaningful  ones too.
Often, we sacrifice our bodies and our souls for insignificant pressures. Just as I decided to protect eggs instead of my arm, we often chose to attend to silly concerns and sacrifice our well-being. We stress over work, we strain over school, we focus on the small annoyances as if tragedies demanding our full attention. Meanwhile, our souls wither, our health suffers.
We must protect what is most valuable and let the trivial remain what it is. I’ll never worry about broken eggs again, and I hope I’ll let some of my own silly stressors go too.
I’ll do my best to keep blogging, but I won’t be able to visit around the blogosphere much. Know I love you all and pray for my speedy recovery (if prayer is something you do).

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