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@BrockStar4lyf Now Belongs to Beantown

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
David Lee Roth left Van Halen, Bo left Days of our lives and Fox Mulder left the X-Files, but on 12/26/2012 something worse happened, much worse than the supposed end of the world that was to occur 5 days earlier.....Brock Holt was no longer a Pittsburgh Pirates roster member because he now belongs to Beantown. What makes this more tragic is that an underachieving head case named Jose Tabata is still wasting a spot that could still belong to Brock, a guy who came up in the midst of the second annual collapse to fill in for an injured Neil Walker to provide moments of excitement that reminded me of the days I watched him patrol the infield of Rice University.
Maybe it was the name....Brock Holt.....a badass baseball name, or the name of the dude that would kick Jason Bourne's ***, you definitely ain't ****ing on this guy in a pool. But when you see this guy play, he is scrappy and gives it everything he has, and when the Pirates selected him in the draft, you can guess how excited I was. He was blue collar just like the City he was gonna play in. Alas, he is now going to be earning the respect of every Cah Pahking Redsox fan in New England. Good luck in Boston Brock, but should you ever want to return, I will be here to welcome you back. I just know you're gonna go all Craig Biggio in Beantown and be too expensive for the Buccos.

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