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* Britney & I: BFFs {kinda, Sorta}

By Keepingupwithsonnek @aJOschlomka
If you know me at all... then you know that I am a HUGE Britney Spears fan! :D With that in mind, I am going to share a story today... the story of Brit & I's flourishing friendship! ;)
* Britney & I: BFFs {kinda, sorta}
**Note: parts of this story are VERY real... while other parts might be a little embellished. I will leave it up to you in figuring out what is true and not so 100% all the way true. AND all photo album covers were found via a google search. 
* Britney & I: BFFs {kinda, sorta}
Let's start from the beginning, I remember listening to Britney's first CD "...baby one more time" at Lana's house while we chatted on AOL or kept busy cutting out pictures from magazines only to have taped to every wall in her room! It's also likely that we had a faaaaaaaaaaavorite song that we LOVED listening to over and over and ovvvveeerrrrrr..... we were cool like that!
We, as in Britney & I, kept in touch all through out high school & college. She may have been MUCH busier than myself with proof of releasing SIX albums, marrying, annulling, marrying again, having a couple of cute kids, and then divorcing... I never once judged her. ;)
* Britney & I: BFFs {kinda, sorta}
While in college I was busy seeking out fellow Britney fans. She was SO popular that EVERYONE wanted to be her friend. Guys, like my old duplex neighbor Nick, in Duluth, who had posters hanging up all over his room [as seen below].  Girls, like my fellow UofM transfer buddy Kelly, who also idolized her! I loved her life size door poster! ... I know what you are thinking right now, and YES we can STILL be friends even if you may not be Britney's biggest fan!
 * Britney & I: BFFs {kinda, sorta}
Out of college and into Grad school Britney came to MN the Spring of 2009 for her Circus Tour. We happened to catch a quick quick QUICK glimpse of Britney as she was walking out of her tour bus and into her hotel... I blacked out but she waved at us, I swear! THEN.... after a fun fun early evening of getting ready and being absolutely MENTAL in the hotel suite with 7 other close best Britney friends/FANATICS we headed to the show which is where BRITNEY'S show angels picked us to enjoy a VIP pre-party of sorts... I blackout again AND hyperventilated. After VIP we found ourselves in a vacant personal suite, suite #55, which is where we watched the concert acting like complete fools; singing and dancing SO HARD the ENTIRE time!! MAN... we had SO much fun that night!
I even have a VIDEO CLIP.... and I swear to you I am sober here... yes SOBER... I have tears watching this as I remember how excited I was! UGH.... love it! Hammer is the BEST Britney concert reporter EVER!
If you wish to relive all of that fun AND MORE you can find my SIX part (ahhh the days of blogging pre- marriage/mommyhood)  HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE
SERIOUSLY so much fun.... that I found myself inspired for Halloween that same year. I almost made a new best friend that night too... there was a girl "bo beep" or something and she LOVED my Britney style and said.... "YOU'RE BRITNEY SPEARS!!" oh bless her heart!
* Britney & I: BFFs {kinda, sorta} [totally a FAVORITE costume of mine!]
THEN in 2010 I graduated from grad school, Aaron & I got married in Cabo and then in the fall of 2010 [on halloween] I found out I was pregnant, and was probably going to be naming our kid BRITNEY... hahaha KIDDING!
Anywhoooo... as soon as she, Britney, found out I was having a BABY she picked my friend Melissa {aka Hammer} to fly out to LA and to meet her. I am SO glad Britney instructed Melissa to MAKE SURE SHE BRINGS ME! Hammer & I hung out in LA for a couple of days and then on the last day we were FINALLY able to meet Britney in Hollywood while she worked on the set of her then, soon to be released video, "I Wanna Go". Oddly enough, Britney was REALLY busy so we were only able to chat stare at her for half of a half a half a second and get a photo or two... soon after our visit Britney tweeted that she had so much fun meeting us, her new friends! THEN a few months later, she pinned a photo from that very same visit to one of her fan boards on pinterest. I DIED. She totally forgot to tell me she was doing that... so you can only imagine my surprise.
* Britney & I: BFFs {kinda, sorta}
You can also relive these three sunny and FANTASTIC, VERY PREGNANT, days HERE, HERE & HERE
After LA I had my baby girl, 4 weeks later, and Britney was back in town. She wanted to see my kid but Lana and I insisted that we go to her- sans baby. So to her we went... Aaron & baby a dropped me off in St Paul so that Lana, Brit & I could all hang out just 7 days POST c-section [i know... NUTS]... on this day, I had my first cocktail in NINE months, spent a majority of the time sitting and 'dancing' in my seat- as you can imagine I was in a little bit of pain AND I was rockin' some SNAZZY granny panties & near the end of the show my pain meds were wearing off- JUST BEING REAL!
* Britney & I: BFFs {kinda, sorta}
Lana and I had so much fun his night, but I could wait to get home and see my new baby girl- Aaron and her had a great night hanging out.
Wellllll that was FUUUUNNNNN! I forget how CLOSE Britney and I have become over the years....
 * Britney & I: BFFs {kinda, sorta}
Now, it's 2014 and Britney has moved to VEGAS for a little while and performs on the regular at Planet Hollywood. I took it upon myself to book tickets ASAP to her show for Aaron & I to fly out to Vegas (a 1st time visit for the both of us). I cant wait to see 'Piece of Me' and I CAN NOT WAIT for Aaron and Britney to finally meet!!!
* Britney & I: BFFs {kinda, sorta}
This photo is thanks to another NEW BritBestie, Kristin. She too will be in Vegas this same weekend but with her Mama! Kristin was the inspiration behind sharing my relationship with Britney to all of you! 

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