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Bright Lights and Spinning Things – a Fun Fair on Dam Square!

By Amsterdam City Tours
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The view of the skyline of Amsterdam has a new feature - alongside the towers and spires there is a hint of bright colors and screaming tourists. It's the end of the summer and, as is tradition, the fun fair has come to town.

Funfair on Dam Square

Good times for all on Dam Square!

Twice a year, in April and October, Dam Square shakes off the peace and quiet to host a compact yet vibrant funfair, replete with a giant Ferris wheel, a high-flying swing carousel and the source of the screams, the 4G 120km/h Booster ride. Check your courage at the haunted house ride, or your balance in the fun house. Alongside the thrills are a number of shooting galleries, lucky draws and other booths where you can trade luck or skill for large stuffed animals. Mouths are filled with cotton candy, dutch treats (like Oliebollen) and french fries as feet pace the place. It is, altogether, quite a jolly experience.

The kermis, as it is known in Dutch, is an old annual tradition celebrating the consecration day of the patron saint of the city. While the religious tradition has long been shed in most cities (in any case, Amsterdam's patron saint, St. Nicholas, has his own holiday on December 6) the kermis is still a popular gathering place for locals. From October 18 to 28, Dam Square will be a mess of cheering, screaming, bright lights and simple frights. The rides can be expensive, and the games rigged, but it is a lot of fun and a great way to start a night out.

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