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Brig o’ Doon House Hotel | Matthew & Sarah’s Wedding

By Neilbowler @neilbowlerphoto

Brig o’ Doon house hotel in Ayrshire is where Matthew & Sarah held their wedding reception back in May. Matthew’s the Scottish element of the duo, although they live in England and how we got talking about their wedding photography. I really enjoyed traveling up to capture the day. Different location, new venue, a few days away eating great food. The weather was crazy though, heavy rain followed by beautiful sun then rain again. It did not dampen anybody’s spirits and lucky for us the sun came out when needed.

Sarah’s preparations were taking place in Doonbrae Cottage just over the road from Brig o’Doon, it was then a case of meeting up with Matthew at the pub. Their ceremony was at St Nicholas Parish.

A few photographs from their day.

Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_001
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_002
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_003
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_004
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_005
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_006
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_007
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_008
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_009
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_010
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_011
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_012
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_013
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_014
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_015
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_016
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_017
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_018
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_019
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_020
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_021
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_022
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_023
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_024
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_025
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_026
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_027
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_028
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_029
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_030
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_031
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_032
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_033
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_034
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_035
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_036
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_037
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_038
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_039
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_040
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_041
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_042
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_043
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_044
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_045
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_046
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_047
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_048
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_049
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_050
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_051
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_052
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_053
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_054
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_055
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_056
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_057
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_058
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_059
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_060
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_061
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_062
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_063
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_064
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_065
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_066
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_067
Brig o' Doon_house_hotel_068

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