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Brief Or Long Posts? {Discuss #13}

By Littlebookstar @LittleBookStar


I’ve always wondered if you guys prefer posts that are brief or long?

Why I ♡ Brief Posts

+ For me, I’m a “team brief posts” all the way because I love it when a post is just straightforward and concise. I always try to do that with my discussion posts and review posts. I just want to get onto my point because I know most of us bloggers are very busy. I don’t want to take too much of your time, and I also want you to have time to visit other blogs.
+ I also love brief posts because once a post is really long, I lose interest and get bored.
+ If it’s a long post, it has to be very interesting and intriguing.
+ I don’t hate long posts; I’m just saying that I do read long posts, but I don’t finish reading them or I just skim it whereas in brief posts, I read every single word.

What’s a brief post?

For me, a brief post is something that is three paragraphs or less (each paragraph having about 4-8 sentences).


Do you have a preference? If so, why do you prefer that over the other?

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