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Brick House

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz

Brick House

She's a Brick House. Oh so mighty, mighty.

I don't normally wear tiny little dresses and short coats- but when I tried on my new striped dress from, I felt so frisky, that I did it. This outfit is a triple strike of stripes: the dress, the cardi, and the scarf. I was so fired up from my stripe overload, it seemed natural to pair it with hot-house tomato red tights and my fierce fire-engine red IZOD fake leather biker jacket. 
I won't be coy: my curves were HANGING all over the place! But I felt ok about it. While I haven't dressed like this in YEARS, once I put together the outfit I wondered why I hadn't done so sooner. I didn't feel an ounce of frumpy, middle-aged or matronly. I feel flirty and mobile: so much so that I walked nearly 3 miles in this brick house of an outfit and was super comfortable wearing it.
Brick House

Brick House

Stripes are rock solid. Bam. Shake it down, now.

The only thing I'm still wrestling with, is that I prefer an overcoat that covers the most of me, so cute biker jackets just don't feel like they are there to do honest work- mostly they just look cute. This Brick House needs her uh, bricks covered, if you get my driftwood. Come spring, that'll be less of an issue. So I think this biker jacket thing might be something I play around more with in warmer weather.
Thanks to the lovely Clare who sent me detailed instructions on how-to (after wowing me with the STAUNCH-IEST photo-collage ever) and the expert tutorial on PicMonkey overlays by Frocktasia, I made my first collage-y like pics for this post. Brick on brick on brick on motherfuckin' brick- Bam. A Brick House. And lots of stripes. Deserving a pat on the back, and a Ta-dah moment, donchya think?

Brick House

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