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Breathe In

By David Marsden @anxiousgardener

About a week ago, my laptop died and I spent hours trying to resurrect it.  I failed.  So I spent several more hours.  And failed again.  Then I panicked.  I feared I had lost spreadsheets and word documents and stuff I wouldn’t even miss until I needed it.  And hundreds of photos.


The kidney beds today at the Priory

In a state of hysteria, I called in PC Man.  And, after a few days, PC Man brought my machine back to life and returned it to my bosom.  PC Man is a marvel … and my hero (though I would never tell him; that would be too weird).

Breathe out.


Newly mulched beds and the rock border. Today at the Priory.

PC Man had to do a full operating system re-install but before doing so he backed up all my personal folders.  Thank you PC Man.


Fallow deer in the Priory grounds hotly pursued by gardener

All my files are safe and back where they belong but I’m now in the very lengthy process of re-loading various programs, migrating e-mails and trying to get everything back to how it was.  It is sobering how important my laptop is to me.  Often, I could happily smash it to bits with a breeze block but I didn’t half miss it when it was gone.

Breathe in.


After a gap of several years, there are ducklings at the Priory!

Stupidly, unlike you, I hadn’t been making regular backups of all my data.  My last backup was in early February – so I truly did worry that I had lost hundreds of photos.  Now I will definitely, absolutely, categorically make a weekly data back-up.  Just like you do.

Breathe out.

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