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Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery Guide

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

breast reduction surgery recovery

So I’m 12 days post operative and yesterday afternoon I saw my plastic surgeon for my first post operative appointment. I’m now back in a wire-free bra. At the moment because of swelling I’m wearing a 14D (36D) bra), I don’t want anything too tight around my rib cage, there are two long lines of stitches underneath my breasts that really don’t want anything binding on them.  I hope once the swelling reduces over the next 5 weeks I will reduce to a 12D (34D) though I may end up a 12DD.

I’m starting to feel much better.  The pain I’d describe more as tenderness or uncomfortableness, rather than any sort of searing pain.  If I don’t move I feel nothing now, but as soon as I move, I can feel the stitches and pulling which is less than really pleasant.  I’m still tired, but not as bad as last week, and I’m not napping during the day too often now.  I do need to get a good 9 hours sleep overnight though and I’m taking it very easy during the day.

I wanted to share with you some of the advice I’ve been given about recovery.

Sleep elevated for the first week  or so – 25- 45 degrees, on your back. Then you can sleep as normal on your back or sides though not on your stomach til after the 6 weeks post operative mark.

Scars – tape them with paper tape for the first 6 weeks (after they take off the tape after your operation).  Keep them as dry as possible, replace the paper tape every 2-3 days.  Then after that, rub some Vitamin E cream (not oil) into the scars.  Do not use anything perfumed on the scars.

Exercise – gentle walking as soon as you can post-operatively.  Wait 6 weeks before jogging or weight lifting (or lifting heavy bags of groceries).  Also be careful of stretching your arms up high, there are stitches both inside your breasts and outside that can tear (so no washing and drying your hair or downward facing dogs).

Driving – don’t drive for at least a week (get advice from  your doctor).  Take a pillow to put between you and the seat belt when in the car for the first week or so.

Bras – For the first 10 days I’ve been wearing my tubi-grip bandage (2 layers) instead of a bra.  Now I’m wearing soft cup, no underwire bras that don’t rub on your line of stitches.  Sports bra or similar is good to stop the bounce and keep your new assets in shape.  You will also need to wear them to bed.  After 6 weeks you can wear underwire bras.

Sensations – You will have itching, tingling, burning and pulling and all sorts of weird feelings in your breasts during the healing process.  Apparently that’s all normal.

Swelling – it starts to go down after a week or so, but can take 6 or more weeks to subside.  I still have quit a bit of swelling on the sides of my breasts, near my under arms.

Breast reduction before and after

And here is a bit of a before and after photo in the same Karina dress.  My breasts are now around half their original size!

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