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By Miss Cellaneous @MsCellaneousBl
Today, I went to see Pixar's new movie, Brave, in theaters, with my mother and a friend. This is Pixar's first attempt at a princess movie, and I say, they highly succeeded in making a beautiful movie!
This story revolves around Merida, a Scottish princess. She is a master archer and swordswoman. Her mother, Queen Elinor, is arranging a tournament for Merida's hand. Merida, of course, is adamant about being forced to marry, being very independent. She runs away, and is led by little blue blobs, also known as "whisps" to the cottage of a witch/wood-cutter, whom she asks for a spell to change her fate. And that it does.
The result of the spell is a cake, when eaten, turns whoever eats it into a bear, unbeknownst to Merida, who gives it to her mother. Chaos ensues as Elinor's husband senses the bear in the castle, and leads the visiting clans in pursuit. Merida enlists her triplet brothers to create a diversion so that she can take her mother back to the witch, in hopes that she can be changed back.
Only, the witch has disappeared, leaving only the message that the spell becomes permanent in two sunrises, unless Merida can "Change the fate. Mend the bond that pride broke.". Merida and her mother are now on a  quest of bonding, and figuring out how to break the spell.
Overall, this movie was beautifully animated, with colorful, round characters, and amazingly real environments. Kudos to Pixar for the atmosphere of this movie! This movie was hilarious, had a wonderful, heartwarming message, but it wasn't my favorite movie. Perhaps it's partly because Merida is the only independent, single princess, so it lacks the cliche, yet sweet romance that is usually in these types of movies. But I admire Merida for wanting to be independent, and having the ability to save herself, not needing a prince.
I especially like Merida, because she is the only princess that looks relatively like me. Too bad she is also the only one that ends up single. Oh well. In conclusion, Pixar made a great movie! Au Revoir!

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